Novella Noir

Hard-boiled detective stories from the gritty streets of the city, dark and perilous, where crime and passion interweave the lives of the innocent and the guilty. Kasey and his husband, Ames Mathes, collaborate to bring to life parodies of this classic genre in the protagonist, Dick Dangerous. Their first novella, Portland Confidential, sets the stage for a gay gumshoe in 1940’s Portland, Oregon, where Dick operates Diamond Detective Agency with the help of his street-wise secretary, Roxy. Dick’s boyfriend, Johnny,…

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My first editor was a straight, white, male. He assured me that nothing shocked him and that he was perfectly comfortable editing my writing about gay romance and sex. Skeptical that a straight man could understand the subtleties of a gay romance, I pressed forward anyway. The first and second chapters were easy for him to edit and give constructive criticism. He was, after all, a professional. In Chapter 3 of my first book, the main characters fall in love…

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About Kasey Croshaw





Social mediaholic. Political junkie. MM Romance writer and reader. Subtly charming introvert.

Kasey is a legal assistant by profession and a writer by calling. He is a graduate of the University of Utah. Kasey has been publishing gay romance novels and short stories for several years.

Writing is a personal and, sometimes, frustrating endeavor. Nevertheless, he works to craft ideas and real-life experiences into compelling story lines that deliver an intended impact. His writing spans the gamut of emotions from humor to love to tears and, especially, romance and sexual gratification. His books are meant to entertain and titillate.

Kasey and his husband have been together for over 45 years and were legally married in June 2014, in Vancouver, Washington. Kasey and his husband are part of an extensive Italian-American family.

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