There are stories that I write which are too sexually graphic to publish to e-books on Amazon. Consequently, I post those stories to Literotica, which is free to join.


He was a hot guy, 5’8″, 180 lbs. of solid, bulging muscles. Dean’s biceps were beefy with protruding veins when flexed. His back was broad at his shoulders and tapered to a narrow waist.

With short dark brown hair and brown eyes, he was a lady killer. He was also a gym rat, which had kept him from developing any long-term relationships with a woman. When all eyes were on his handsome face, it was hard for a woman to compete. Dean kept his body shaved and smooth, even his pubs and ball sac were clean. He also offered an eight-inch uncut dick and big juicy balls.

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Jeff wasn’t averse to having his junk manhandled. He was soon sporting a nice hard bone. Jeff was uncut with a 7-inch cock when it was hard. His dick was thick and straight, and Chaz pulled it down and released it to see it slap against Jeff’s tight abs. His pecs were muscled and well-proportioned with nice brown nipples. His ass, arms, and legs showed that he worked out regularly.    

“Abso-fucking-lutely Amazing by Anonymous user  on 11/18/2018 Like damn this is easily one of the best stories I’ve read here so far. Good story line, lots of hot fucking and a side of sexy romance.”

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College roommates figure our that they are attracted to one another after a few sordid experiences.

This storyline is still under construction and due for release at Literotica by Summer, 2020.


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