Young Riley
Young Riley by [Croshaw, Kasey]

Riley Young knows what he wants, and he knows how to get it. Cullen Spencer is a successful attorney, but after a failed relationship with an alcoholic grifter, he is hesitant to get involved with anyone, especially someone as young as Riley.
Las Vegas lights up with romance and an entanglement with a homophobic mobster. A failed land development, fraud, and a brutal murder surround the passions of two men finding love and commitment in the desert heat.

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A Kiss Unrequited
A Kiss Unrequited: A Short Story by [Croshaw, Kasey]

A kiss is not just a kiss. It has meaning. This innocence of a first kiss can be scary, but in the end, fulfilling.

The Family is Everything
La Famiglia è Tutto: Family is Everything by [Croshaw, Kasey]

The Rosano family once had mob ties, but John Rosano Sr. runs a clean business and has stayed clear of his cosa nostra roots. Ben learns that his place in the Rosano clan is to protect his relationship with Jack and guard the family against the entanglements of Siciliano influence.
High school angst, teen pregnancy, coming out, abortion, adoption, and murder are all much easier to handle than growing up in an abusive evangelical family.
Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs’, the ones who accept you for who you are, the ones who would do anything to see you smile, and, who love you no matter what.

Dick Dangerous: Portland Confidential
Portland Confidential: Dick Dangerous by [Croshaw, Kasey, Mathes, Ames]

After serving in the war, WWII, the big one, Dick Dangerous returns stateside and opens a detective agency in LA where his former male secretary at the OSS, Gianni Mandarino, now owns a bar, running some prostitution and gigolo work out of the back room of Johnny’s Tavern. When Dick’s business doesn’t click in LA, Gianni, Dick, and Roxie, one of Gianni’s girls, pack up and move to Portland,Oregon. Here Dick opens Diamond Detective Agency and gets a job hunting down two dognapped pooches wearing diamond encrusted collars.
The cast of characters grows in this mystery of the disappearing doggies. The plot thickens as the gay detective ferrets out the clues that lead to a murder and the return of the pooches to their rightful owner.
In the end the butler did it and Dick gets his guy, in bed, in love with him.

Danny Ray

Ethan is a twenty-something auto-mechanic working at his father’s shop when he runs into someone he knew in high school. Danny Ray had just returned from duty in Afghanistan and is happy to see that Ethan, a friend of his older brother, was still in the small town of Las Cruces. Danny Ray pushes all of Ethan’s buttons. Can love blossom in the desert?

No More Wasted Tears

Divorce can be hell on a man after he realizes he is actually gay. Days and months can seem endless to a lonely heart in need of healing. Losing your wife and your kids with your world crashing around you brings tears of regret. The feeling of betrayal and dishonesty can haunt your every waking moment, until … until that one special someone gives you unconditional love. Romance for Evan, comes late in his life, but he adapts quickly, and finds not only his one true love, but his children come to love and respect him for his decisions. The tears he shed initially were wasted. Now he only has tears of joy.

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The Bonds of Family

Kevin and Charlotte Bradford are just hitting their stride. Living in a Beverly Hills mansion, they are the perfect couple in SoCal. Kevin is a successful corporate attorney. Charlotte is about to land the largest deal of her career, a mega-million-dollar software sale and the multi-billion-dollar acquisition of a small start-up tech company. If she can pull it off, she will become the CEO of the company, that is, if her affair with Brennan doesn’t scuttle the deal. A fortyish female heading a major tech company is a big deal, and she is just the woman for the job. Charlotte doesn’t need a man to be successful. She only needs a man for sex.
Kevin realizes that he is not that man after meeting Jason Perry. Kevin’s feelings erupt as he discovers that he not only has sexual desires for this young man, but also, he is romantically drawn to Jason. The Bonds of Family is a story about the search for belonging, as Kevin and Jason navigate the menacing shoals of a contemporary relationship through corporate conspiracy to international intrigue. The gay couple forms the strong bonds of family within the realm of wealth and privilege. 

Waiting for You

Nick just got back from doing four years in the Army. He left home thinking he could leave his feelings for Dave behind. He found he couldn’t, and when he gets back to small-town Wyoming, he finds that Dave has been waiting for him. Nick is hired by the County Sheriff as a new deputy and is immediately plunged into a murder mystery involving drugs, money and Dave’s older sister. The romance between these two men is hot and the murder mystery is a tangle with many leads. The clues are all there, Nick just has to make the connections.