by Kasey Croshaw

My world was currently in a state of flux. I had recently changed jobs as dock worker. My roommate, Elle, had dumped her boyfriend and moved out. I was in search of a new roommate or someplace cheaper to live, whichever came first. I had broken up with my girlfriend and had no prospects for a new girl anytime soon.

Maybe the changes would work out, after all, the changes that I had been through before hadn’t been so bad. The new job was actually just what I wanted, lots of physical work which fit in nicely with my gym workouts. I had become a gym rat over the past year and was in peak shape for a twenty-seven-year-old. My abs were a washboard. My chest had become significantly larger as had my arms and legs. At just 6’ and 190 lbs., I was well proportioned. My dark brown hair, brown eyes, and Greek looks added to my appeal to women. I never had any problem getting dates, but long term relationships had also never been for me. If a woman got serious, she was gone. I have a huge libido and one girl was just not going to do it for me.

The night before Elle moved out, we were having a few beers and talking. I was horny and had a little too much to drink. She turned in and left me in the living room contemplating. I don’t know what came over me. I had never really been attracted to Elle. Not that she isn’t good looking, she is. Maybe it’s her attitude. Elle is a little loud and a course for me. I like girls who are low key. I opened her bedroom door and walked in.

She turned to see me standing in her doorway. She was caught in my gaze. She got up, kneeling in front of me, wrapping her arms around my neck, pulling me to her lips. We start pawing and grabbing each other, exploring each other’s bodies Our deep breaths turned to hot panting.

Elle stood up on her bed, her face above mine, still sucking the breath from my lungs. I hooked my fingers into the elastic of her panties and pushed them down. She clawed my shirt off and threw it behind her. I pressed my middle finger against the moistness of her pussy lips. She moaned into my mouth and wrapped her legs around my torso. I lifted her off the bed and pusher hard against the bedroom wall. My sudden roughness spurred her on. Elle planted her feet on the ground and, pushing on my hips, guide me toward the bed. Before I could sit down, she slid down my body, kneeling in front of my belt buckle. She looked up into my eyes as her hands deftly unbuckle, unbutton and unzip the barrier to my stiff cock. With one swift move, she pulled my pants off and pushed me down on the bed.

She crawled up between my knees and stroked me through my boxers. My hands clutch at the sheets as I threw my head back. She seemed to relish in my reaction and stroked my balls. She put her mouth against the fabric and blew hot air permeating through. The warmth spread, engulfing my scrotum, and up my hard shaft. She tugged my boxers down, exposing my throbbing cock. She firmly wrapped her hand around my dick and guided it deep down her throat, her tongue swirling back up the shaft. Her head bobbed back down, swallowing me deep. I pulled my hard dick from her mouth with a pop. She stroked me with her hand as her tongue licked the spot underneath and between my balls, occasionally sucking my ball sack into her mouth. She licked up from the bottom to the tip, sucking my cock back down her throat. She steadily stroked my cock faster, wrapping her lips around the head. I couldn’t hold it in much longer. My hands hovered near her head, tempted to push her head down.

“Oh god, I’m cumming!” I erupted in her mouth. She was careful to catch every drop, licking me clean. Still gasping, I sat up and pulled her onto my lap and wrapped my arms around her waist. She draped her arm over my shoulders while I rested my head in her cleavage. She ran her fingers through my hair, massaging the back of my head. I was rubbing her thigh and tracing the inner contours up to the warm of her female folds. I could feel how aroused she had gotten. I pressed two fingers firmly up against her wet spot. She moaned loudly into my ear. I kissed her neck while she swiftly peeled off her bra. I was rubbing up and down her slit, feeling her wetness increasing. She began writhing in my lap. I plunged my fingers in her pussy and pushed deep. Her hand clenched around my shoulder. The pleasure hit her so hard, she nearly collapsed. I started sliding my fingers back out, but she pushed my hand back, grinding her hips forward.

“Don’t stop,” half commanding, half pleading,  she said. Seeing her lost in her lust, I was happy to keep going. I pushed my fingers in deeper, faster. Her gasping quickened, one more plunge and she felt her orgasm rippling through, gripping tight onto my fingers. She pulled my face towards her to kiss me, pushing her tongue into my mouth. Watching her made my cock stiff again. She got up, spreading her legs to straddle me. She held my stiff dick in her hand, rubbing the tip along the wet slit a few times before lowering herself down.

“Ohhhh.” a deep moan echoed from her throat. She could feel my girth stretching out her walls. After adjusting to my size, she started slowly grinding her hips back and forth, feeling every inch of me deep inside her. She grabbed my back with one hand, and my shoulder with the other, bracing herself as her hips start moving faster. She propelled herself on and off my lap, each time penetrating deeper. She leaned back, trying to push me inside even deeper. I took hold of her breast and sucked in her nipple, sucking and licking over the tip.

The extra sensation sent her over the edge and she came. Her hands cupped around the back of my neck and she rested her forehead against mine, still breathing heavily. She kissed my nose and mouth, then wrapped her arms around my neck. Standing up, my cock still buried in her hot snatch, I lifted her up and placed her on the bed. I pulled out and pushed her legs apart, revealing her glistening, wet pussy. Then I leaned down and sucked on her clit, pushing two fingers into her. She instantly gasped and slammed her hand onto the bed, clawing at the bedding. She tugged at my hair to get my attention, signaling me to come up. She cupped his face and kissed my lips.

“I need you inside me. Now.”

I grinned and kissed her mouth, down her neck, below her collarbone, and pushed one of her breasts into his mouth. I teased her nipple with my tongue, looking up into her eyes with a devilish gleam. I licked my thumb and rubbed it against her clit before guiding my cock with my other hand towards her slick pussy. I held her hips in place and thrust forward. Her head curled back, “Oh god.” She let out another loud moan. My pace steadily quickened, each thrust deeper, filling her completely. Her hand played with my ass. She thrust her hips up to meet my rhythm.
“Yeah! Right there! OohhOhhMmmOhhh…”

I could feel her pussy walls getting hotter and gripping my dick tighter. I started fucking her faster. “Oh FUCK.” My whole body tightened and I shot my load inside her. My rapid ramming pushed her to another orgasm. She could feel it ripping through her from the base of her neck down to her lower back and through her vagina. “Aaahhh…that’s it.”

Still trying to catch her breath, “That’s…” her chest heaving, “I’ve… never…”

She turned to me as I had already collapsed face down on the bed next to her, our legs still intertwined. She had no idea what to say, what to think. My hand reached for hers and I pulled it to my lips. She traced the contours of my face with her finger and kissed my forehead. She pushed herself up and rolled off the bed to go shower. I laid in her bed waiting for her return.

The bedside lamp showed off her nakedness as she dropped her towel and crawled in bed beside me.

“That was incredible Derrick. I don’t know why we’ve never fucked before?” she said.

“That’s because until just recently you were dating Dean. I’ve never been one to horn in on another dude’s territory,” I answered.

“I guess it’s just as well. We probably would have ended up fighting and breaking up like every other relationship either of us ends up in,” she commiserated.

“So what went down between you and Dean?” I asked as I stroked her hair with my arm around her shoulder.

“He’s actually not a bad guy, but Dean likes himself more than I could ever like him. He’s kind of a narcissist. Don’t get me wrong, I liked him. He was great in bed with that huge uncut tool of his and those huge balls. Problem was that I had a difficult time accommodating his girth and he was impatient to have me take him all the way in. Even sucking it was difficult because it was so big, but then when he came, fuck, there was no way that I could swallow his gushers. And powerful too. His blasts of cum would almost blow my mouth of his cockhead. Then if I didn’t have my mouth over it, he would just shower me with his jizz. Honestly, it would gag me every time. Not the taste but the sheer volume of his sperm. To top it off, he would want to cum three or four time is a row. It was just exhausting. Too much for this girl?” Elle confessed.

“What about you and, oh shit, what was her name?” Elle laughed. “Oh yeah, Cuntie. I mean Connie. Why’d you dump her?”

“She got to clingy. She had this whole marriage thing going through her mind all the time, I said. “I don’t make enough money yet to support a wife and have kids. Maybe in a few years, but right now being a gym rat and making my way up from the loading docks is fine.”

“I just had a great idea. You should ask Dean to move in here as your roommate. You both are gym rats and he is looking for a new place to live. You two know each other and I’m moving away. It would be perfect. Besides, you two are insufferable bachelors,” Elle grinned. “Think about it and give him a call tomorrow after I’m gone. And for what it’s worth, thanks for that great fuck, Derrick.”

We fell asleep. My roommate, Elle, was leaving and we had just had incredible sex. Isn’t that just the way it goes?

I was up early and at work on the dock by 7 a.m. I had already unloaded two trucks and was staking the pallets of goods in long rows in the warehouse. I spun the forklift around and lowered the forks to the floor.

As I bounced to the concrete floor, my boots hit with a thud and I stood face to face with Gunner.

“I hear you’re looking for a roommate,” he said.

“Sorry Gunner, I think I’ve already got a buddy of mine lined up,” I said.

“To bad,” he said, “having me for a roommate comes with a lot more than just someone to help pay rent.” Gunner winked. His baritone voice was deep, but low as he whispered up close to my ear. He had invaded my personal space, but somehow I didn’t really mind with Gunner.

Everyone at work knew Gunner was gay. He made no secret of it, but he didn’t flaunt it either. He was one tough dude. Big. 6’3” 220 lbs. of solid muscle. I certainly wouldn’t want to fight him. But he was also a good guy. He could the bullshit and take care of himself on the docks. Gunner was no pussy by any means.

“Gunner, you know I don’t swing that way. But it’s flattering to know that you find me man enough for you to think of me like that. Truthfully, though, if I were hitting for your team I’d want you to be my catcher,” I laughed and swatted his ass with my leather gloves. The idea of fucking Gunner in the ass sort of gave me a cheap thrill, knowing that it would never happen, but still…

At 11:30 the lunch whistle blew and I headed to the roach coach for a sandwich and a bottle of water. I pulled out my cell phone and called Dean. We had traded numbers when he and Elle started dating.

“Derrick! Man, sup,” Dean answered his phone.

“I was talking to your ex last night and she said you might be looking for a new place to share as a roommate,” I said.

“Has she left yet?” Dean asked in almost a sad voice.

“This morning. She loaded the rest of her stuff and is on her way to St. Louis,” I told him.

“Shit. Fucked that one up,” he said. “She’s been one of the few women who could handle my, a, equipment.”

“That’s what I’ve heard,” I laughed.

“From who?” Dean asked.

“Word on the street is that your schlong should be monument to all men,” I chuckled, “No, really, Elle told me about your equipment and also about your other attributes,” I chuckled.

“She what? That bitch. Don’t believe everything you hear?” Dean was also laughing.

“So my only question is: Is it true?” I asked.

“I guess that’s something that you’ll have to find out for yourself,” Dean said softly, almost as if it was a dare.

“So what about the roommate offer?” I continued trying brush aside my curiosity.

“Yeah, that sounds great. Besides I’m also looking for a workout partner at the gym. What gym do you go to?” Dean said.

“Axiom,” I said.

“Good that’s where I go. Buddy up?” he asked.

“Sure. When do you want to move in?” I said to Dean.

“How about this weekend?” he said.

“Great see you then. Give me a call Saturday morning and I’ll drive my truck over to your apartment to help you with your load,” I said. I thought for a second about what I had just said. Freudian. Yeah, probably, but I let it pass.

That afternoon on the forklift, all I could think about was Dean’s dare to find out for myself about the size of his junk and the massive loads of cum that he could ejaculate. I came around a corner in the warehouse, not paying attention, and almost ran into Gunner on his forklift. I spilled all the cartons off the pallet. We both climbed own and I started restacking the pallet.

“Fuck,” I was cussing myself for being careless. “Sorry, Gunner, I should have been paying more attention,” I apologized.

“Not a problem, let me help,” he said.

I was bent over to pick up a box when Gunner moved up behind me and placed his hands on my hips and ground his crotch against my ass. That got my attention and I stood up immediately, but he didn’t release his grip on my hips. I smiled at him as I looked over my shoulder.

“You could be a switch hitter,” Gunner whispered in my ear. His breath was hot on my neck.

“As fun as that sounds, I don’t think so,” I chuckled. But the fact was, I hadn’t stepped away from his groin grinding against my ass. Truthfully, I felt a tingle in my nuts just thinking about it.

I may be as straight as they come, but I had no illusions about sexuality. I had thought about sex with guys before, granted, there were usually one or more women involved, but it was still a fact. The idea of putting my dick in a guy’s mouth or ass wasn’t the worst thing. Right now, as horny, as I was feeling, Gunner was putting himself as risk.

I stood up straight and turned around. Gunner didn’t back away. I leaned in and whispered back to him, “It’s a good thing we are in this warehouse right now, because if we were in my bedroom, I would be fucking you so hard with my big cock, you wouldn’t be able to walk for a week.”

“As good as that sounds,” Gunner chuckled, “right now, what I really want is this.” Gunner reached his big manly hand behind my head and pulled me in for a mouth-watering kiss. I was surprised by my own reaction because I kissed him back full force.

“Fuck, Derrick, you are one hell of a stud,” Gunner told me.

“Thanks,” I stammered, my face was red from embarrassment and sexual frustration.

We finished restacking the pallet and were back on our forklifts. I was flushed thinking about having Gunner kiss me like that. I may have had thoughts, but I had certainly never contemplated acting on them. Now, however, I wasn’t so sure. My cock was at full hard on stage. It was a good thing that I was on the forklift that afternoon so no one could see my throbbing dick tenting out my jeans.

When I got home that afternoon, I stripped down for a shower and jacked my dick hard and heavy, sending a pretty decent load down the drain. “What a waste,” I thought, “Gunner probably would have swallowed my load and made me feel good at the same time. Shit, what was I doing. I had the best sex ever with Elle the night before, and, now, all I could conjure in my mind was having Gunner bent over with my cock up his ass.

The night brought no relief as I dreamed that I was kissing Gunner and making love to him. It wasn’t that I was confused or really concerned about my sexuality. I knew I was straight. It was more a question of what did I want: my dick in a pussy or my cock in an ass. A mouth on the other hand, didn’t matter whether it was a dude or a chick sucking on my bone. My dreams, however, turned from Gunner to Dean.

Dean was a hot stud. He was my size and very muscular, a body builder type, a gym rat like me. Brown hair, brown eyes, he kept his body shaved of all hair, or so I assumed. I knew his legs and arms and chest were shaved of body hair. This is addition to the fact that he was a good looking guy. He was definitely not in need of having women chase him. The fact that Elle had told me about the size of his junk and his ability to shoot huge and amazing orgasms, just provided grist for the mill of my lust.

Saturday morning arrived with a call from Dean asking me to drive my truck over to help him with his load. A bed, a dresser, a few boxes of clothing and personal items and we were on our way to my, now our, apartment. For some reason, I was nervous, but also excited having Dean move in with me.

We got Dean’s bed and dresser into to Elle’s old bedroom. He had fucked her many times over the months in that room and he wasn’t unfamiliar with the way I lived. We sat down some ground rules and he was now my new roommate. He was soon parading around in only his boxers which was fine with me because that is the way I preferred to dress in my own apartment. It was Elle who had put a stop to that with me. She didn’t parade around in her bra and panties and I wasn’t allowed to strut around in my boxers. Now with Dean, that was going to be totally permissible.

“You wanna hit the gym, dude,” Dean asked after we got him settled in.

“That’d be great. You think you could give me some work out pointers. I’ve noticed that you are way more developed,” I said, “

“Absolutely, dude. You spot for me and I’ll spot for you. I have a great routine for development, but some of it is just genetics. You are really ripped too,” he complimented me. He reached out and felt my biceps and my pecs. It made my balls tingle having him touch me like that.

We headed out for Axiom and a two-hour workout on upper body. It was nice to work out with someone who knew what the fuck he was doing. I had workout partners that were just dumb fucks. I was laid back on the bench press with Dean straddled over my head as he spotted me at 220 lbs. When I would push up and spew air from my lungs, I noticed that my breathing went right up his open short legs making him quiver. I could tell that he liked the feeling and I liked doing it. I also noticed that he was commando as he stood over me. It was camouflaged under the flimsy nylon material, but it didn’t look that big from what I could see. His balls on the other hand, looked huge. I licked my lips with each press up and blew warm air up his crotch.

Then it was his turn. 250 lbs. He was strong. I liked watching his pecs strain to push the weights up and down. He was doing the same to me by blowing his exhaled air up my short legs making me horny as hell. Biceps, triceps and lats came next. He was awesome to watch as his muscles bulged with his testosterone driven strength. God damn, he was a hot fucker. I had never felt these feeling towards a dude before and I was enjoying the change in perspective.

We didn’t shower at the gym. It seemed a little to homo because there were too many eyes watching us during our workout. Back at the apartment, I let Dean shower first. He wasn’t the least bit modest. He walked out of his bedroom naked and left the bathroom door open as he showered. My curiosity got the best of me after Elle’s descriptions of Dean’s equipment. I opened a beer and leaned my back against the wall across from the bathroom and watched him in the mirror as he showered his muscular body, soaping his muscles and letting the water wash away the man smells.

Dean pulled the shower curtains back and that is when I started to recognize what Elle had been saying. He wasn’t hard, but his cock was beginning to grow. I watched him towel off his manly body and I had a hint of jealousy of his musculature. But, I also wanted to touch it. To feel his arms and run my hands down his thighs, grasp that perfect bubble ass and pull him close to me. As my eyes drifted around his body, I looked up to see that he was watching me watching him in the mirror while I stood a safe distance away in the hall with my back resting against the wall.

He winked. It wasn’t my imagination. He knew I was watching him. He started to manipulate his uncut cock and jack off. I had seen guys in porn jack off before, but never in person and never with the intimate smells of his manliness. His pheromones were strong and it attracted me to him. I wanted him. I wanted him for more than just a roommate. I was attracted to him the way that I am usually attracted to a woman. He made my cock hard.

I watched him beating his meat and he was watching me watch him. He was putting on a show for me. It was truly amazing to see his uncut meat grow in his hand and expand into a fat, fucking hard cock. I wanted to feel it, touching it, jack it for him.

I was rubbing my own cock inside my gym shorts while I watched this exhibitionist perform for me. I knew that Dean was straight, but he had to know how truly homoerotic this was. I licked my lips as his hand flew up and down his erection. He smiled at me and licked his lips as if mocking me. Fuck, why was this so erotic to me. I had never had these kinds of feeling for another dude’s junk, but his was exotic and sexual and tantalizing.

He was standing back from the sink a few feet and aiming his cock at the mirror as he jacked. I saw the quads of his legs tighten and his breathing increased. “Here it comes,” he said in his deep voice, “watch this.” His hand flew up and down his dick as he erupted and sent volley after volley of a wet, white spray splattering against the mirror. It dripped down as he continued to ejaculate. Elle hadn’t exaggerated. His volume of jizz was heroic. It sprayed everywhere across the vanity and the mirror. I got a good show of his testosterone induced ejaculation. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he groaned as he continued to jack. And just when I thought he was done, a second volley began to spray from his uncut cock. The sheer volume of his ejaculate was unfathomable and I was moaning as I massaged my own cock in my shorts. I shot my load down my leg while I watched Dean nut.


He used his towel to clean up the mess on the mirror and winked at me again as I started to walk away knowing that he was done for the evening. I waited a while before I went into the bathroom to shower, but I too, feeling uninhabited left the door open. I noticed that he watched me shower from the hallway, just as I had done to him, but he actively jacked off watching me.

It made me feel like a man knowing that this stud found me sexually appealing enough to use me as masturbation material. I dried myself off and just as he had done, I jacked off in front of the mirror. I looked back to see that he was shooting off another huge load while I did so. Dean wasn’t shy, he came into the bathroom and took my towel to wipe up his mess as I continued to jack off in front of him. I blasted out a second load that was huge. Certainly not as huge as Dean’s orgasms, but for me, it was huge.

“How was that buddy?” he asked,

“Awesome,” I answered. “How the fuck do you cum so much? And your dick is huge when it’s hard. How does any woman handle that?”

“That’s why I dated Elle. She was the first woman who could even begin to handle my equipment and my cum,” he grinned. “It’s awesome, but at the same time, not many women can deal with it. I can usually manage two or three big wads a day. I’m kinda glad that you know because you seem to really like my special talents.”

“Like it. I love it dude. More please,” I said.

We laughed and both dressed for bed in boxers and sat on the sofa and drank beer before getting tired enough for bed.


I dreamed of Dean that night. I was fucking his hot ass as his dick bobbed in front of him. Dreams are sometime precognicent. I dreamed that I fell to my knees in front of this god and sucked his cock until he filled me with his cum. I drank and drank, but never could quite get enough of his essence. The dream was so surrealistic. I wanted him more than ever.

My sleep that night was fitful and when I awoke, I stumbled into the bathroom to relieve my bladder. I found a Magnum condom on the back of the toilet tank. I picked it up by my index and middle finger and studied it as I took my morning whiz. I felt the weight of it. The condom was full and by full I mean really full. It was also still warm. I knew it belonged to Dean and I also knew that he had left it specifically for me. I raised it to my nose and with both hands opened the base of it and inhaled. His pheromones flooded my senses and made me as horny as a teenage boy. Without thought, I stuck my tongue out straight and hard and plunged it into the used condom to taste the contents. His cum was salty and sweet and pleasant. I liked it. With one hand I held the base to my lips and with the other I pinched the tip of the condom and raised it up in front of my face and let it drain into my mouth, savoring his warm cum. I was drinking his spew and I liked it. I sucked hard at the latex and drew it inside out into my mouth trying to get every drop of Dean’s sperm.

I left the empty Magnum on the back of the toilet tank and returned to my bed and went back to sleep, surprised that I had tasted another man’s semen and actually wanted more. I awoke a few hours later and went to the kitchen to find Dean sitting at the table wearing just his boxers. I was naked, which he didn’t seem to mind.

“Nice dick, dude,” he grinned.

“Thanks, you too. Only yours if fucking huge.” I chuckled.

“I saw you found my present for you in the bathroom,” he laughed.

“A protein shake for breakfast,” I winked at him.

I took his hand and pulled him to his feet and wrapped my arms around his thin waist. “You should know that I really like this,” I confessed. My lips moved forward to kiss him, but he pushed back and pulled away.

“No kissing,” he said somberly. “We’re not gay and the fact that you like my dick doesn’t make you gay. Just so you know, I do have boundaries. Not many, but I do have them. We aren’t boyfriends or anything like that. That’s never gonna happen, so if that’s why you wanted me as a roommate, you can put that right out of your mind.”

“Okay fine. I’m good with that. I just didn’t know how to play this, whatever this is,” I said.

“It’s just sex. Nothing more, nothing less. If you decide that you want to suck my dick or eat my cum, that’s up to you, but you should know that I won’t reciprocate in any manner. I won’t touch you, I won’t kiss you, and I definitely won’t fall in love with you. Are we clear?” Dean said.

“Perfectly. I can live with that.” I said solidly committed to those facts. I was indeed a straight dude and whatever thoughts I was having were just that, thoughts. I got ready for work and tromped my boot laden feet out the front door of the apartment to my truck. I was in a bad mood. I wasn’t sure why, but Dean had pissed me off.

Well that isn’t quite true, I knew why he pissed me off. I liked a little romance with sex and I definitely liked reciprocation. “Fuck, if I’m gonna get you off, you’d better fucking be willing to get me off,” I thought. The arrogant bastard. He was fucking hot, but what was I willing to sacrifice. I was giving up part of my heterosexuality to his sexual urges, what more did he expect.

I was in a bad mood by the time I was unloading the first truck at the docks. I saw Gunner pull up with his forklift and that made me feel better. He was always in a good mood around me. He had no expectations and just accepted me for being me. I looked at Gunner a little differently today than I had in the past. Dean wanted me to satisfy his sexual urges. Gunner just seemed to want to share my time.

Lunch time came and I went to the break room to see Gunner sitting by himself. That was unusual, he almost always had a cadre of women that wanted to befriend him.

“Mind if I join you?” I asked.

“Have a seat, dude. I can’t think of anybody that I would rather share my lunch time with,” he smiled.

“Thanks Gunner,” I stammered. “About the other day …”

Gunner interrupted me. “Sorry about that dude. It just kind of happened. You looked so vulnerable right then and I just made my move. I know you’re straight and I had no right to kiss you.”

“I was going to say that I liked it Gunner. A lot,” my face was flushed and I could do nothing but stare at my lunch. “ I’m really glad that you took the initiative, because I don’t think I would have the courage to kiss you,” I whispered across the table.

“Having a change of heart, are you, straight boy?” Gunner joked.

“Yeah, I’ve had some thoughts lately and they kind of have you in ‘em,” I answered.

“No shit,” Gunner said. That got his attention.

“How old are you Gunner?” I asked.

“Just turned twenty-one,” he said.

“And you’ve always been gay?” I asked in a hushed tone.

“Near as I can recall. I told my mom and dad when I was fifteen. They were cool, but school was kinda tough until I got as big as I am, then nobody would fuck with me,” Gunner said. “So Derrick, what are you gettin’ at?”

“I’m not sure dude. I’m not confused about my sexuality; I know I’m straight. I don’t feel guilty for having these thoughts, I know that’s normal. It’s my new roommate, it’s got me all sorts of twisted up in my mind,” I started confessing.

“Look Derrick. I’m not sure I wanna hear this, dude. If you got a thing for this chick that’s your roommate, that’s something I can’t give you advice about. And even if I could…” I cut him off.

“It’s a dude. My new roommate is a dude. He’s also my workout buddy,” I was whispering.

“Yeah, I don’t wanna hear this either. Catch ya later,” Gunner said with a pissed off look as he stood up and abruptly left me sitting there.

“Shit. Fuck,” I slammed by fist on the table. I could be so stupid sometimes. Of course, he didn’t want to talk to me about this. He had the hots for me and I was throwing this other guy in his face. The green eyed monster had raised his ugly head and I didn’t beat him back. I owed Gunner and apology. But that would have to wait until I got through this thing with Dean.

The day ended at work the way it started out. I was pissed off, but this time it was due to my own stupidity. I drove home in a bad mood. Dean was waiting for me when I walked in the door.

“Let me change,” I said walking into my bedroom and slammed the door.

I walked out a few minutes later with my gym back and we were off. I drove. He didn’t say shit the whole time. Our workout routine was silent as well as he left me to myself to work on legs. I was slamming the weights and the other guys were staring at me, but the pissed of look on my face kept everyone at bay.

After an hour, I was done and Dean ran after to me as I left.

“What’s got our panties in a wad?” Dean asked as I drove home.

I was horny and angry and I wanted to see him naked. I didn’t answer him. We didn’t talk once we were back at the apartment. Dean stripped down in his bedroom and paraded around the apartment naked drinking a G2 before he decided to get in the shower. That didn’t help with my lusts. I just wanted to see more of him. I heard the water in the shower and I walked in to the bathroom and sat with my ass against the vanity, my ankles crossed in front of me while I drank a beer and watched him shower. Fuck, I wanted to touch that body of his. But to him that was verboten. However, I could jack him or suck his cock, but is that what I wanted. Right now I just wanted to watch him. He pulled back the shower curtain and I handed him a towel, but rested my ass back against the vanity and watching him dry off. He had that smirk on his face, like he knew that he was turning me on. I was rock hard and I saw his cock start to grow until the head was peeking out from his ample foreskin.

“Like my cock?” Dean smiled.

I just nodded my head yes as I stared at it. Soon it was huge and throbbing.

“Take off your gym clothes,” Dean said. I didn’t move.

“Do I need to make myself clear? I told you to strip,” he ordered. I hadn’t seen this side of him. He was taking control of the situation. I stood up and pulled my tee shirt over my head and tossed it aside and pulled my shorts and boxers off and kicked them aside. I was naked standing in front of him, my cock pulsating and wanting more.

“Now sit down on the floor there and push your legs out to either side,” he commanded.

I did as he said and watched as he moved forward standing only inches from my face. His hard cock pointing directly at my mouth. I wanted to open my lips and suck it. I bent my head forward to just that, but I was met with the palm of Dean’s head pushing my head back against the vanity. “Not tonight, fag. I’ve got something special for you tonight,” he grinned that evil grin.

He took his hardness in hand and began to jack off, only inches from my face. I was fascinated and wanted it, to taste it. I could smell his manly pheromones because of his proximity. His huge balls bounced in his nut suck as he pumped his cock. He still had the palm of his hand holding my head back so I couldn’t take him in and savor his manhood.

“You like that bitch?” he said. I felt humiliated by his language, but turned on his testosterone driven lust.

“Yes,” I answered.

“Yes what?” he shouted at me.

“Yes sir. I like your cock. I love your cock. I want to swallow your load, sir,” I stammered.

“That’s better. Now you understand that you are my bitch, I’m gonna give you what you’ve been wishing for. You know how much jizz my balls hold and in a few short minutes, I’m gonna shower you with my cum,” Dean chuckled.

His hand was fisting his cock like mad he spread his legs wider as he stood over me. I reach up to play with his balls, but he slapped my hand away.

“Oh fuck, fuck, here it comes, buddy, get ready, I’m cummminggg,” Dean uttered as he stood on his tip toes and aimed his erupted cock at my face, my chest, my hard cock, his cum splattered me. I was being drenched with his hot jizz. I took my hard cock into my own hand and using his sperm as lube started jacking myself off. Just when I thought he was done, his fisting slowed and he seemed to be getting his breathing back, but then he started again. He brought himself to a second monumental orgasm, spraying me with even more of his sperm. I was drenched. It was running down my face, down my chest, it was in my hair, on my legs, my shoulders. I was drowning in his jizz as I blasted out my own load, moaning and screaming as I did.

Dean flipped his deflating cock at me to shake off the remaining drops of his juice. Then, he placed the foreskin covered dickhead to my mouth, “Suck it cunt,” he laughed. I did. I opened my mouth and allowed him to push his softening cock into my mouth. I could taste his cum and I liked it. He had given me a gusher that I couldn’t have ever imagined. I liked what had just happened to me, or so I thought at the time, but I was fucking horny.


He held out his hand and I took hold as he pulled me to my feet and turned me to look in the mirror. I was a fucking mess. I looked like a bukkake whore covered in his cum. It was still dripping from my nose onto my lips and I licked it in and savored the taste.

“Get cleaned up bitch and then make me some dinner,” Dean ordered.

In the shower, I washed off his juices and as my normal brain began to engage. I got lathered up and shampooed and cleaned my asshole as I thought. I was humiliated. Dean had humiliated me. He knew that I was intoxicated by his big cock and his cum and he was using it against me. I suddenly felt trapped. I dried off and dressed in boxers to go fix Dean some dinner. I was to ashamed and foolish to eat. I didn’t talk all during his dinner, but nursed a beer.

“So what’s wrong Derrick. You have been pissed off all day,” Dean finally asked.

“It’s nothing. I had a run in with a guy from work and I feel shitty about it,” I said.

“Yeah, well knock that shit off, if I want emotional baggage around me, I’ll find a girlfriend,” he said.

I was still pissed enough to respond. “That might be a good idea because what’s been goin on between us can’t continue. I agreed with you that it’s just sex and I thought I could handle it, but I can’t. You were right I am straight and I don’t what to be your boyfriend or have a relationship with you, but I’m not built to have sex without feelings. So this can’t go on. I’m tired and I’m goin to bed,” I said as I walked away from Dean who didn’t lose that shit eating smile the whole time.

That night I dreamed again, but not of Dean. I dreamed about Gunner. It was sweet and tender and I was kissing him when I awoke to my cell phone alarm. I was in a good mood as I dressed for work, lacing up my steel toed work boots. Dean was in the kitchen having his coffee.

“About last night. Never gonna happen again. Whatever I was thinking, I’m over it. You have a great cock and your climaxes are amazing, but that was just a fleeting thing. I’m not your bitch and I’m not a homo. You can cook for yourself and I won’t be working out with you anymore. We are roommates, but nothing more. Understood?” I said with authority.

“Understood,” Dean said.

“And no more parading around here naked or in your boxers. Dress and close your fucking bathroom door,” I said with a chuckle as I left for work.

My mood did nothing but improved on my way to work. I pulled into the parking lot and Gunner was walking into the warehouse.

“Gunner, wait up,” I called out.

He had a look on his face like I was bothering him, but he stopped and waited for me to catch up.

“I owe you an apology for yesterday,” I offered.

“You don’t own me anything Derrick,” he said in a pissed off tone.

“Wait,” I said as I took hold of his arm and stopped him in his tracks.

“Yes I do owe you an apology. I was being a dick. I told you that I liked you kissing me and then I went off about I problem I was having with my roommate. I’m not very adept at communications, Gunner, but I fucked up. The fact is that I really did like having you kiss me and I hope we can do it again. The problem with my roommate probably isn’t what you think. He’s straight and he’s been being an asshole. I fixed that problem and I hope you will give me another chance.”

“Fine,” Gunner said with an exasperated grunt. “Friends.” He held his out hand.

I felt better about Gunner, but now I had to think things through at home. I decided that I needed to get laid. That would clear my mind and get me back on the straight and narrow.

After work, I yelled at Gunner across the freight yard. “Hey, buddy, have a great night.”

“Thanks Derrick. Mañana, bud” Gunner called back at me.

I went home to find Dean wasn’t home from work yet. I got showered and dressed up a little more than my usual. Dean came in the door as I was taking my keys from the table.

“Where you off to?” he grinned.

“I’m out for some pussy,” I answered. “I gotta get laid. Later dude.”

“Sure,” he laughed. I figured he would go the gym without me tonight.

I drove to White Water Saloon. It was still early, only eight, when I sat at the bar and ordered a PBR. I was on edge for a reason. It had been a few weeks since I had banged Elle and I need some tail. Usually, when on my game, I could score and the White Water Saloon was good hang out for young, single women, which meant I was in my hunting grounds.

She came into the darkened bar and sat next to me and ordered a beer. “Hi, my name’s Amber,” she introduced herself. I knew I was a good lookin guy and was used to women being a little forward with me. “Derrick,” I said giving her a nod of my head and my award winning smile. I pulled the pop top off my can, and the tab was in my fingers. I showed it to Amber, and nervously said “where I come from, these are good for a free kiss!”

Without hesitating, she took it from my hand, look at it then looked at me, leaning in a little too close, she whispered, “where I come from, they’re good for a free fuck.”
She then looked down and smiled at the bulge that instantly began growing in my pants. I didn’t have to move in far before our lips met, and our tongues started a hot and hard dance in each other’s mouths. I don’t remember where the beers ended up, but she had made it clear she was as horny as I was, when she reached down and rubbed my crotch. I took her hand and led her out of the bar to my truck. I opened the door for her and kissed her as I took her by her small waist and lifted her up and in. I told her that we were going to my apartment. She readily agreed.

I warned Amber that I had a roommate and he might be home. She said she didn’t care. Inside the apartment, I led her back past Dean’s bedroom. His door was open and I could see he was asleep. I pulled her top over her head and left it behind, and her heels got lost on the way down the hall. I figured that would be a good hint for Dean that I had hooked up.

We wrestled each other on the bed, tearing at each other’s belts and zippers between kisses and trying to catch our breaths. This was definitely one of the horniest, uninhibited chicks I had ever had my hands on.
Her nipples were even harder now than before when they were trying to poke holes in her little top, and I loved that she had tiny little aureoles that were as rough as sand paper. I couldn’t get enough of flicking them with my tongue, and as I bit down on one, I heard her moan, and say “harder.” The harder I nibbled, the louder she moaned, I decided Dean wouldn’t have to see her shoes in the hall to know what was going on.

She lifted her hips as I wriggled those tight denims down her slender hips, kissing the newly exposed flesh as I went, avoiding the red lace thong I had just uncovered. As the jeans hit the floor, she somehow managed to flip me onto my back, and pinned me down with those magnificent tits above me. She faced no real resistance from me as now it was her turn to pull off my button down Levi’s. She took the shorts and all in one swift motion. Damn, she was good at this.

My turn to flip her over as I kissed my way all around her body, mouth, ears, little hairs on the back of her neck, down her chest, around her breasts, then up from below them to tease the nipples a little more. The wriggling going on under me made me think she had to be enjoying this as much as I was. Now a trail of kisses down her taught little belly, my little tongue flick into her belly button, and a I made comment about the piercing there that got a chuckle from the both of us.

As I left her belly button, I worked my way down that perfectly flat, young tummy, she lifted her hips again and yanked off her own thong. The womanly aroma that filled the air must have added another inch to my rock hard cock as I went in for a taste of what I was there to enjoy.

This girl’s pussy was shaved clean just for me. The perfume she had dabbed down there added more intensity, and she nearly ripped my hair out as my tongue divided her pussy lips and I explored every inch of her most intimate parts while she screamed her way through her first orgasm of the night.

She spread her legs out wide and lifted them over my shoulders as she reached down for my cock and pulled me close enough that she could guide my tool into her pussy. “I need to get fucked RIGHT NOW,” she said, “I’ll make it worth your while, don’t you worry.”

I didn’t worry a bit, this had already been more than worth my while!  I slid up close, on my knees with my cock buried up to the hilt inside that hot tight tunnel. We rocked that bed so hard I thought the headboard was going to punch a hole in the wall as it banged with our rhythm. Another scream, another orgasm, and she went so still I thought she had passed out.

I looked down at this pretty, young thing with the sweat glistening on her breasts, and face, and nearly melted at the broad smile she gave me. We laid there, cock in pussy, chest to chest while we both caught our breath again, and she gently pushed me off of her.

As I rolled onto my back, I thought she was getting up to go to the bathroom, but instead her head moved down and she took my pussy juice soaked cock into her mouth. I already knew that I wasn’t her first lover, but she turned out to be an absolute professional at sucking cock. I loved how she had a confident smile on her face as she kept direct eye contact so she could watch the lustful expressions of ecstasy on my face while she squeezed my nipples as she worked on my cock. Those beautiful brown eyes, looking so innocent except for that dick in her mouth, showed that she definitely enjoyed the pleasure we were sharing. Duck face always got me hot.

Amber took a break from sucking my cock, slid a little closer, and sandwiched my boner in between her breasts. She squeezed her breasts around my dick, and as she massaged me with her boobs, she played with her nipples, again bringing us pleasure together. I could see she was incredibly turned on, and then she kissed the tip of my dick, letting me see the string of precum stretching between my penis and her tongue. “I need more cock” she said as she climbed on top of me for another round of fucking.

She leaned back, holding my ankles as her body arched, popping her beautiful tits out in front for me to play with while she bucked up and down, and you guessed it, another orgasm. I worked my way down to her cream pie filled with two loads of my cum. I pushed my face into her pussy and shoved my tongue deep into her slimy opening. I lapped up the juice that was leaking out of her freshly fucked cunt which made her squirm. I loved eating her cunt. It was delicious and my face was coated with her juices and mine. I moved back up to kiss her and share our passion.

We lay together for a while caressing each other’s very private parts. I looked up from the bed to see that my bedroom door was now open and Dean was standing in the hall jacking off into a Magnum condom. For such a young lady, she sure wasn’t shy, and not the least bit embarrassed about being so sexually vocal. Dean was quite as he finished up and disappeared.

Did I mention I really loved eating Amber’s cunt? Especially now that I had cum inside her, twice. After she was done with me, she untangled from me and dressed. Amber kissed me and asked me to take her back to her car. I dressed quickly and drove her back to the White Water. She apparently wasn’t one for cuddling after sex. A quick kiss and she was gone.

I sneaked back into the apartment it was a little after midnight. Dean’s bedroom door was open and he was sprawled out naked and asleep on his bed. I quietly went into the bathroom and closed the door behind me to take a piss. There, again, was a used Magnum condom on the toilet tank.

The next morning as I was leaving, I walked past Dean’s room and he called out to me. “Come in here for a sec,” he said. I did as he asked. He was on his back on his bed naked. God, I wanted to go down on him. “Did you eat my load that I left you last night?” he asked.

I just nodded my head and stared at his soft cock. Deflated, it didn’t look as impressive as when he was fully hard, but it’s uncut girth was still big.

“Good boy. If you’re good during our workout after work, I may have something special for you,” Dean winked.

I hurriedly left and jumped in my truck to go to work.


Fucking Amber last night made a big difference. I didn’t feel like I was losing track of who I was. Still, I had found it hot to swallow Dean’s load which he had so skillfully left for me to drink. But then, I saw Gunner walking into the warehouse. God he had a great ass in those tight Carhartt’s.

I headed for the first 48 footer trailer to get it unloaded and pallets of goods stacked in the warehouse. I was in a great mood as I worked. The gusher that Dean had given me had satisfied my curiosity, but that was all it was. I had figured out that I wanted more from a relationship and I didn’t want to be treated like I was some whore to be taken advantage of. I wanted love and respect and hot sex and I began to believe that Gunner was my pathway to all of those things. Sex with Amber was satisfying but it just proved to me that the reason I hadn’t been able to commit to a woman was because I really wanted a man. A real man that could handle a relationship with me.

“Wait up Gunner,” I yelled out when I saw him on his forklift.

Gunner cut the engine of the forklift and I climbed on the step beside him. “What are you doin tonight?” I asked him.

“Nothin, why? Are you gonna ask me out on a date?” he said with a smirk.

“Well, actually, yeah, I am,” I was flushed and I look down at my boot and then back into Gunner’s brown eyes. With that shy straight-boy look, I wiped the back of my neck with my hand. Golly gee wiz.

“I’d like that a lot Derrick,” Gunner said as he took my hand and squeezed it.

“You worried about what the guys in the warehouse are gonna say when they find out we went on a date,” Gunner chuckled.

“Not at all. I just wanna see their faces when I tell em that you’re my boyfriend,” I said.

“You work fast for a straight boy,” Gunner laughed.

“Tonight, then? I’ll pick you up at seven,” I said. “See you at lunch, we need to trade cell numbers and stuff.”

“Looking forward to it, Derrick,” Gunner said, “I didn’t mean to get jealous yesterday, but I couldn’t help it. You are about the hottest guy I’ve ever known and besides I like you.”

I continued on with my work and unloaded a couple more trucks before heading to the office to hand over my paperwork. The lunch whistle blew and I went to the roach coach for a sandwich and a bottled water. Gunner was in the lunch room talking to Angelo, one of the restackers.

“Mind if I have a seat?” I asked Gunner and Angelo.

“Sure, sit, I was just leaving,” Angelo said with a wink to Gunner.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt anything,” I said.

“You didn’t,” Gunner smiled at me, making my heart melt. “I was just telling him that I had a date with you tonight. Angelo has a crush on me, but he’s married and has kids and I’m just not interested in that drama. Hopefully, that will put his advances at an end.”

“I hope so too. I’d hate to have to punch him,” I said to Gunner as I took his hand across the table.

“You would punch someone to keep me yours?” he laughed.

“Absolutely. You are one hot stud and no one, I mean no one, gets a chance with you before I do,” I whispered.

“That’s kinda hot, straight boy,” Gunner whispered back. “God, I want to kiss you right now.”

“Not as bad as I want to kiss you,” I admitted.

We traded contact info on our cell phones and talked about bullshit in the warehouse. Gunner was a really cool guy. We liked a lot of the same things – the Seahawks, the Mariners, he was also a gym rat. He also told me he was a really good cook and that he was going to start making my lunches because eating from the truck just wasn’t healthy. He was already moving in and claiming me as his territory. It made me proud to be with him.

“I had a dream last night that we were making love,” I whispered.

“That’s hot. Were you the top or the bottom?” Gunner asked.

“Huh? What’s that mean?” Derrick asked in all innocence.

“You like to pitch or catch,” Gunner winked.

“Well in my dream, I guess I was your catcher, and boy, could you pitch,” he laughed.

“So you’re a bottom?” he asked.

“Well, I guess I am. When I think of you and me together I always think of you being in control and me submitting to your needs,” I continued to whisper, flushed with excitement of the conversation.

“That’s perfect, cause I’m definitely a top. I’m lookin forward to takin your sexy ass,” Gunner winked and smiled. The fact was that I wanted him to do just that. “Thing is Derrick, you’re gonna need to prepare a little, I’m pretty hung.”

“Really,” I said excitedly. After my experience with Dean I recognized that I liked big cocks.

“So you’re a size queen?” Gunner laughed at me.

“I ain’t no queen and I ain’t gay. Well, okay, I’m gay for you, but that’s it,” I chuckled.

“Good to know,” Gunner said. “You ever been with another guy before?”

“Nope. Well no, except I did jack off with another guy once, but that was just a fluke. I sucked a dude’s dick once, but he had already shot his wad, and it was more a lick than a suck.” I said.

“So you’re pretty much a virgin to this whole thing?” Gunner asked.

“Yup. So, please be gentle with me Gunner,” I pleaded in a high pitched girlie voice.

“Stop that shit. One of the reasons that find you so sexy is because you are very masculine, so no girlie voices,” he demanded.

“Got it. Straight guy all the way,” I told him.

The lunch whistle blew again to signal and end of our hour paid lunch. “Are you gonna load the next truck or am I?” I asked.

“I’m still moving pallets from this morning, if you could get it buddy,” Gunner said.

“Happy to,” I said.

The end of shift whistle blew and I took off for my truck. I didn’t see Gunner as I left, but I figured he was closing out his paperwork.

I got home and Dean was there. He was dressed to head for the gym.

“Hey buddy,” I said with a happy tone.

“Hey, ain’t gonna be the same without you working out tonight,” he seemed almost sad.

“Yeah, well, I got a date tonight, so don’t wait up,” I told him gleefully.

I showered and scrubbed making sure to pay attention to my ass and my junk. Can’t be stinky for a possible hook up. Not that I was expecting it, but just in case. I shaved any errant hairs on my chest and torso, but didn’t shave my five-o’clock shadow. I liked how I looked with a bit of stubble on my face. I was a big guy and it made me look a little more intimidating. Besides I wanted to look hot for Gunner. He also sported a stubble of facial hair which I thought was very sexy. While I had only ever been on dates with women, I sort of figured what would be a turn on for Gunner. I work a pair of my worn, tight jeans and a tight black tee shirt over my muscled torso. My arms looked massive as the tee shirt sleeves stretched around them. I had on a pair of my old cowboy boots and a big leather belt.

At 6:30, I texted Gunner. “On my way.”

I was a little nervous as I drove my truck across town to pick him up. I popped a breath mint in my mouth and hoped that my nervousness wouldn’t be obvious. This was, however, my first gay date.

I knocked on the door to his condo. “Fuck,” was the only thought that came to my mind when he opened the door. Here was this dude, 6’3”, 220 lbs. of hard muscle, his thick thighs stuffed into a pair of worn out Wranglers and a tight white tee shirt covering his ample pecs. I know that I sighed as I undressed him with my eyes. His arms were massive. His forearms covered with a forest of thick black hair, a tuft of black chest hair poked above the collar of his white tee. God, he was fucking hot and he was going on a date with me.

He pulled me in over the threshold and took me into his massive arms. Mind you, I am not a small guy, but I felt dwarfed. His deep brown eyes were dancing as he stared at me and then he kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back. Any thoughts of Dean disappeared in that kiss, along with any thoughts of fucking that little blonde the night before. What was her name again?

I knew what I wanted and it was Gunner. Kissing him was so different than kissing a woman. Their lips were soft and their kisses were taunting and passive. Gunner’s kiss was hot, passionate, with purpose, deliberate and hard.

“Where are we going?” Gunner asked.

“Rudy’s Grill,” I said. “Some of the guys from work should be there.”

“Sounds fun, but again, how are you going to deal with the guys when they see that we are on a date?” Gunner asked.

“Proud to have you as my arm candy,” I answered.

“Good answer, straight boy,” Gunner punched my arm. I took his hand and led him out to my truck and opened the door for him.

Rudy’s was crowded for a Wednesday night. I saw a couple of guys from work waiving us over. I had hold of Gunner’s manly hand and led him with me to the table.

“Plenty of room guys, pull up a chair,” Wes smiled with a big grin on his face. I saw his eyes looking at me holding Gunner’s hand. Just then Angelo came from the bar and stood uncomfortably close behind Gunner. I saw him push his groin against Gunner’s ass as he tried to get by in the crowd to get to his stool.

Gunner whispered over his shoulder as he turned his head toward Angelo, “Ain’t never gonna happen.”

Angelo leaned in closer to Gunner and ground his crotch hard against Gunner’s butt, he whispered, but I heard, “You keep sayin that, but you know you wanna be on your knees suckin my fat pud.” Angelo had an evil smile on his face, but Gunner was pissed.

I felt the anger well up inside me and my fists clenched as I dropped Gunner’s hand. I gave Angelo a mean scowl and he continued to move by to his stool. I felt Gunner’s hand take my wrist and his other hand and pry my fingers from a balled fist to an open palm. He shoved my hand into the back pocket of his jeans, with my palm against his hot ass. “That ought to keep you out of trouble. You just keep that there. I don’t need you fighting my battles for me,” Gunner said with a smile.

“Just instinct, a man moving to protect what’s his,” I said as I squeezed his butt with my hand in back pocket. “Having my hand there might keep me out of trouble, but it won’t do much to protect you from me.”

“I’ll take my chances,” Gunner whispered. It was loud in the bar and it was crowded. We couldn’t find any stools yet, so we just stood, side by side, close. A waitress came by and I caught her attention to bring us a couple of drafts.

“Is there something you want to tell us Derrick?” Wes asked, seemingly already knowing the answer.

“No,” I curled my bottom lip out as if I was thinking about, “not that I can think of.”

“Then where’s your hand dude?” Steve asked trying to get me to say something.

I raised my left had to show them, keeping my right hand in Gunner’s back pocket, warm against his butt.

Wes leaned across the table with his hand at his mouth and whispered to me, “How the hell did a straight arrow like you go from pussy hound to cock smoker?” he laughed.

“Gunner!” I answered. “He’s one hot stud, in case you haven’t noticed.” I felt Gunner bump his hip against mine in appreciation of my compliment.

“So Gunner’s that much of a stud to turn you out?” Steven laughed.

“Don’t know yet,” I answered honestly, “this is only our first date. But, yeah, he is pretty much a stud.”

“We’d better keep our butts to the wall Steve,” Wes joked.

“Don’t flatter yourselves, I’m not interested in your ugly asses, I’m only gay for Gunner,” I said starting back at his handsome face. I was getting a bone just thinking about being with him and smelling his cologne was we stood side by side drinking our beers.

“So like boyfriends?” Wes asked.

I looked at Gunner and he looked at me, both of us smiling like idiots. “Something like that,” Gunner answered. I felt his fingers flutter down my abs. I looked over and Angelo was not smiling. He looked pissed. I had bested him for Gunner’s attention and he knew it.

As the bar settled down there was a vacant table near the back and Gunner snagged it for just the two of us to sit and have a burger with our beers. After the waitress took our order I scooted my chair as close as I could get to Gunner. I reach out with my index finger and middle finger and toyed with the tuft of chest hair poking above the color of his tee. “Sexy, very sexy,” I whispered, “does that go all the way down?”

“To my toes,” Gunner said in his raspy baritone voice. His voice reverberated in my bones and sent a tingle through my nuts. He was so sexy.

I had never stopped to consider a man’s body hair as being sexy. I shaved my chest and abs, but looking as his hairy forearms and his stubbled face, I wanted to kiss him all over and run my nose through his hairy chest.

“I like it, it makes you even sexier to me,” I admitted. “I keep mine shaved to show of my pecs and abs, but you’d prefer…”

“Just don’t trim your pubs or shave your ass, I like those parts all natural,” Gunner said as he brought the hairy knuckle of his index finger across my jaw line. God, if we had been alone I would have taken his finger into my mouth and sucked it like a cock. He was getting me horny.

“The thing is Gunner, when I dream about making love to someone, that someone has been you. I’ve only had three serious relationships in my life and they didn’t end well. I thought that I wasn’t ready to commit, but it was more that I wasn’t ready to commit to a woman. After you kissed me that day in the warehouse, I knew what I wanted, and it was you. I haven’t been able to get you out of my brain. The fact is I don’t want to get you out of my brain,” I was confessing my feelings.

“While were telling secrets, I’ve had a total of two boyfriends. One in high school. He wasn’t really a boyfriend as much as an opportunist for me to suck his cock. The second one ended last year. It was bad. He was a closet alcoholic and we ended up in a fight with him breaking my nose and me calling the cops. Come to find out, he was married and his wife didn’t know about me until I pressed charges. That’s when I moved out here and got this job,” Gunner told me with very sad eyes as he looked at me.

That would explain his aversion to Angelo. He didn’t have a good track record with married guys. “I’m curious, Gunner, why me?” I asked.

“You have a mirror, right?” he laughed. “Your fucking hot. When you started working in the warehouse, I wanted to fuck you the minute I met you.”

“Subtle,” I laughed.

“Maybe, but it’s the truth,” Gunner said. “Honestly, Derrick, I have a thing for straight guys. Not as much drama. You have easy needs that I understand and can give. You love so naturally and when you want sex its hot and torrid.”

“That’s a broad brush to paint us straight dudes with,” I chuckled.

“At the same time, there is something about you that just got to me. Maybe it’s how easy you are to talk with or the fact that you didn’t avoid my flirtations,” Gunner said.

“When you planted your lips on me that afternoon in the warehouse, I was in shock, not because I was embarrassed or anything, but I couldn’t figure out what a guy like you would see in a guy like me. I’m just a Joe-Shmoe,” I countered.

“That’s just it, Derrick, I don’t want any other guy, I want you,” he said as his cheeks flushed a little. “We probably should head out; we have work early in the morning.”

I paid the tab and we said our goodbyes to Wes and Steve and a less than friendly wave to Angelo. Gunner took my hand and followed me out to the truck. I opened his door for him and he basically stepped in with his 6’3” frame not bothered by the height of the cab. On the way back to his condo, he continued to hold my hand and told me a little about his growing up years in Ohio.

I pulled into the parking lot of his complex and stopped behind his pickup under the covered parking in front. I left the engine running and ran around the front to open his door. We held hands as we walked to his front door. He handed me his keys and I unlocked the door, reached inside and flipped on the inside light. I backed up against the door frame and looked up into those wide brown eyes. He tipped his head slightly to reach down and kissed me full on the mouth. There were no tongues, just an open mouthed kiss.

“Thanks, Derrick, for the date. I really enjoyed it and it makes me happy to finally get to know you better. I hope this won’t be the last,” Gunner said.

“Hell no. Once I have my arms around you, you are mine. We’re going out again tomorrow night and the next night and…” I said.

Gunner was laughing, “Okay straight man, I get it. You like me. I like you too, now sleep well and I’ll see you first thing in the morning.”

With that I left and he closed the door behind him. When I walked into my apartment, there was no sign of Dean. The living room lamp was on, but it was quiet. That is until I walked by his bedroom. He had some chick naked on his bed. As I reached in to pull the door closed, the lamp from his bedside table illuminated him enough to see that his big cock was pounding her pussy hard. He winked at me as he pulled his bone completely out as if to show me his goods and then plunged back in deep. She was moaning and writhing. I guess he found another girl besides Elle that could accommodate his meat. At least I was over his bullshit. The arrogant bastard did have a beautiful, big cock, but I was no longer interested. I was interested in one that I had not yet seen or touched.

The next morning Dean was still in his bedroom and the door was closed. My steel toed boots were not quiet as I tromped through the kitchen for coffee and then out to my truck.

When I pulled into the warehouse yard, there were two 48 footers and a 53 footer to unload right off. Gunner had pulled in beside me and we nodded good morning to each other and saluted with our coffee mugs. Between the two of us, we had them unloaded inside of an hour and the paperwork handed in at the office window. The rest of the morning was spent sorting the pallets and stacking the loads for reshipment. Angelo was working his ass off to keep up with us.

At lunch, I got off my forklift to head for the roach coach. “Not so fast, Derrick,” Gunner took my arm, “No more of that shit food. I made you lunch and you’re gonna eat it.”

We found a table and he pulled out a sack from the refrigerator. A salad, a grilled chicken breast, some carrots and celery, an orange and some oatmeal cookies.

“Homemade?” I asked hold up a cookie.

“Yup, my mama’s recipe. Healthy,” Gunner grinned.

“I munched away without complaint. It actually was so much better than the shit had had been eating. Thanks for lunch babe, it’s really good,” I complimented Gunner.

“Like I said you straight boys have easy needs. My man is not going to do without,” he winked at me.

“So I’m your man?” I smiled.

“According to you. You said I’m your property and my ass belongs to you, well, it works both ways straight boy,” Gunner told me.

Steve and Wes walked into the lunch room and plunked down their sandwiches from the roach coach and went to the Coke machine for sodas.

“Hey boys,” Wes said in a high sissy voice.

“Fuck you Wes,” Gunner chuckled.

“You wish,” Wes shot back.

“Your ass couldn’t handle the size of my dick,” Gunner taunted.

“And how sore is your ass today, Derrick,” Steve joked.

“Not as sore as yours is gonna be after you pull my size 11 boot out of it,” I laughed.

Just then the warehouse manager walked in with the afternoon assignments. “Okay ladies, listen up. Steve, you and Wes, are going to work with Gunner in the new section. We have to get those pallets broken down and restacked for shipment on the trailers that will be in here at four. Derrick, you and Angelo, will be working the building across the yard to get those totes ready for transport on the flatbed coming in at three-thirty.

“Fuck,” I thought, “I really didn’t want Angelo giving me the stink eye all afternoon over Gunner, but I decided to suck it up and just do my job. Hopefully, Angelo would too. About an hour in of the dirty work of moving the totes from the back to the staging area for Angelo to tag for shipping, I lost Angelo. I got down from my forklift and looked around. “Angelo,” I called. Nothing.

I walked around the edge of one of the 2000 lb. canvas totes and saw Angelo squatted with his back against the canvas, his head in his palms, crying. But not just crying sobbing.

“Angelo, are you alright, are you hurt?” I asked.

“Do I fucking look alright?” he snapped. “No, I’m not fucking alright. Leave me alone.”

“No! I won’t leave you alone,” I said. I reached down and with my hand and pulled his arm so he stood up in front of me. His face was wet with tears. Suddenly, he flung his arms around my neck and pressed his nose into my collarbone and continued weeping.

I held him. What else could I do? I knew how to let a woman cry in my arms, but not a guy. It was odd at first but then I decided that I needed to show him as much empathy as was humanly possible.

“What is it Angelo?” I asked. “Is this about Gunner and me?”

He shook his head no. “Then what?” I asked.

“My wife. She left me last night when I got home from Rudy’s, she told me that we were done. She has a real man, a man who’s not a homo like me. She said she hated our daughters because they were from my seed and she couldn’t stand to look at them anymore. It broke my heart. My daughters mean everything to me, Derrick,” he sobbed.

“Oh god, Angelo. I am so sorry,” I said softly as I held him close to me and patted his back. “Where are your girls now?”

“They are with my mamma,” he said. “But I don’t know how this is going to work out. The reason I was so hoping to get Gunner’s attention is that I saw what a great guy he is and that he would make a good papa for my girls. But, last night, when I saw you two together, I knew that was never going to happen. I saw how you too look at each other. You may not know it Derrick, but you two are in love. I want that. I want a man to share my life with and to love my daughters as much as I do.”

“You are a good man, Angelo, you will find the right guy and he will make you happy. He will love your girls just as much as you do. You mark my words. There is a man out there for you. You just have to find him,” I said.

“Gracias, Derrick. I hope I can count on you and Gunner to be my friends, even if I was a bastardo to you two last night,” he said sniffing and wiping his eyes dry.

“I don’t think that will be an issue. I count you as my hombre,” I said.

Angelo and I loaded the flatbed, strapped down the totes, and tarped the load in record time. Angelo signed off the paperwork and we were done.

On the way out of the warehouse, I walked with Gunner back to his truck. “I got some heavy shit to lay on you tonight. What time do you want me to pick you up? I asked.

“I’m picking you up at seven, so be ready, and wash your nutsack, just in case,” he grinned.

Dean and his new fuck were in the living room when I walked in from work. “Oh hey Dean,” I said surprised to see him there.

“Oh hey man, this is Elise,” Dean introduced me to the very pretty young girl with long blonde hair. Very attractive, but maybe only twenty-one at most. Elle, Elise, I tossed around in my mind. He’s not very original.

“Nice to meet you,” I said reaching out to shake her hand.

“Sorry if we kept you awake last night. This guy can fuck like nobody’s business,” she grinned.

Well she was a real sweet talker. You kiss your mamma with that mouth? “So I’ve heard,” I smiled back.

“I have a date tonight, Dean, so if you two could keep it down after I get back, I’d appreciate. My work day starts early,” I said.

“Sure. Who’s the lucky woman?” he asked.

“Guy,” I answered. “It’s Gunner. You don’t know him.”

“A dude! You’re dating a dude?” Dean seemed shocked. But I was shocked. This is the same guy who had jacked off in my face and made me suck his dick clean. Now, he was shocked that I was dating a guy?

“Yeah. You got a problem with that?” I asked, my fist balled ready for a fight.

“No, not at all, just thought you were, you know, not gay,” Dean smirked.

“I think it’s cool,” Elise piped in unaware of what was going down here.

“Thanks for the vote of support Elise. Apparently my roommate doesn’t share your sentiment,” I said. “He thinks its abnormal to be gay, to have gay thoughts, to connect with another man sexually and emotionally.” I shot Dean an angry look.

“I never said that,” Dean argued. “I just think that guys should be with women. You know the way I am.”

“Oh, I know the way you are fucker. You are an arrogant hypocrite,” I said snidely.

I didn’t see his right fist as he punched me in the face hitting my left cheek bone. I felt the impact and I felt my nose start to bleed. I staggered backwards. Elise started screaming at Dean to stop, but he hit me again. My hands drew into fists and I pummeled him, hitting him hard in the stomach. He fell to the floor and clutched his gut. I crouched beside him ready to smack him again if he dared move. From the corner of my eye, I saw Elise grab her keys from the table and slam the door behind her as she flew like the wind away from two guys trying to beat the shit out of one another. Dean was immobilized as he was balled up in pain. I wiped the blood from my upper lip with the back of my and sniffed back the rest.

An evil thought came to mind and I undid the button on my jeans and pulled down my zipper. I could see the look of panic in his eyes. He had told me that he wasn’t about to reciprocate for letting me eat his cum. I decided to give a taste of my own. I took my cell phone out of my pocket and turned the camera on video. I was going to save this just in case.

I spit in the palm of my hand and began to work my tool into a hardened cock. The look on his face spurred me on as I jacked my cock fast and hard, lubricated by my spit. He closed his eyes as if that was going to disguise who he was in my video. I felt the rush in my balls as I erupted sending a volley of my hot jizz across his cheek and nose. I painted his face good, just has he had done to me. I felt one final squirt come pulsing up my dick and I pointed my piss slit to his open lips and blasted. A big blob of white molten sperm jetted into his mouth.

His eyes flew open wide as he realized that he had just tasted and swallowed my seed without recourse and I had it on video. Suddenly, his lips pursed and his cheeks bulged like he was going to throw up. He tried to scramble to his feet and was partially crawling and trying to get to his feet to run, he made it to the bathroom. Slamming the door behind him. I could hear him vomiting into the toilet bowl. I was satisfied with my retribution for being sucker punched.

I called Gunner and told him part of what happened and asked him I could stay with him for a while until I got this straightened out with Dean. I tossed some clothes and shit in my gym bag as I headed out. Dean was still in the bathroom. I opened the door to get my razor and tooth brush. “You’d better have your shit out of here by tomorrow when I come home, you fuckin prick. By the way, who’s the homo now, I have video of you sucking me off.” I laughed as I closed the door. I heard something heavy hit the back of the door, figured he had thrown something at me. I grabbed my keys and left. I was on my way to stay with my man.

“My man,” I thought, “what a great concept.” Just a few days ago, I was a perfectly content hetero man, or so I thought. All the while smoldering under the surface were these feelings that were fomenting and awesome.

I could see the look of concern of Gunner’s face when he opened the door to let me in.

“Do you need to go to Urgent Care to get checked out by a doctor?” he asked.

“Nah,” I said. “Nothin they can do. It’ll probably just be a black eye. Nothin’s broken and they aren’t real doctors anyway,” I smirked.

“Fine, but if you start seein double or anything you tell me so we can get to an emergency room.” Gunner was worried and I could hear it in his voice.

I locked my arm around his elbow and walked into his condo. Once inside, Gunner got me a beer and he had me lay down on the sofa. “Hungry,” he asked.

“I could eat a little something, if it’s not too much trouble,” I answered, my forearm over my eyes.

“Spaghetti?” I heard him ask from the kitchen.

“Comfort food, my favorite,” I answered.

It seemed like no time and I could smell the tomato sauce and garlic cooking. We ate, but I couldn’t get through a whole bowl of pasta and lay back down from where I sat. Gunner was so easy for me to be with. We shared a sense of humor and a sense of masculine mannerisms. Gunner was sitting very close to me on the floor at the coffee table. I had my hand on his shoulder. He turned his head and kissed me. “You’re not going back there you know,” he said matter-of-factly.

“That’s where I live. Of course, I have to go back,” I said in a mild state of confusion.

“No. You’re moving in here with me,” Gunner told me.

“But we hardly know one another. We’ve only been on one date. We haven’t even done the dirty yet!” I exclaimed.

“Oh, so you do want to have sex with me then?” Gunner smiled at me.

My face went red with embarrassment, but also flushed with excitement. “Of course, I want to do the dirty with you stud. It’s just that…look, it was only a fight with a roommate. He’ll move out tomorrow. If I know anything about Dean, he’s a fucking coward and won’t want to face me one-on-one again. I can still live in my apartment.”

“That’s not it. I know you can take care of yourself. I want you here with me because this is where you belong. You told me that you hadn’t been able to commit because you hadn’t met the right person. Well, I am that right man for you Derrick. You just have to admit it to yourself. If I wasn’t who you needed, you would not have asked me out on that first date.”

My voice caught in my throat and I thought I was going to cry. “You’re right,” I whispered, “I need to be with you Gunner. It’s not just that I am sexually aroused by you, but I think that I’ve fallen…”

“In love?” he finished my sentence.

I just nodded and then the tears did start and once they started, I had no way to stop them. He sat up on the sofa at my side and cradled me in his manly arms as I sobbed.

“It’s okay baby. I love you too. You just have to find out how much and the only way that is going to happen is with you sharing my bed. I understand that this is all new to you and we’ll take it as slow as you want to go. You’re going to have a little learning curve, but from what I’ve seen you’re a quick study.”

I didn’t say anything, but his words soothed me and I understood that he was right. I needed Gunner in my life. For the first time in my twenty-seven years I had fallen in love. In love with a man, but in love fully and unabashedly.

As my tears subsided, I reached for his crotch and felt his cock swell in his jeans. I undid the top button and unzipped his pants. He was staring into my eyes. I wanted him and he understood that. I reached inside his boxers and drew out his semi-hard cock. My fingers pushed back the foreskin from the plum-sized cockhead. His piss slit was flared open and leaking, and, then, a gusher of jizz erupted in a premature ejaculation just from my touch. I grabbed hold and started jacking and he kept cumming. His semen was dripping from my fist. It was massive in volume, enough to put Dean to shame.

I moved around him and kneeled in from of him where he sat on the sofa. I pushed my mouth over his softening dick and sucked and licked it clean along with his jizz on my hand. He tasted so delicious, I wanted more. He was weak after his sudden climax and his breathing was still labored. He leaned forward and kissed me, tasting his own seed, and licking some of it from my bearded stubble. I tried wiping my faced with my hand, but that wasn’t going to clean up the mess. This is what I had been looking for when I thought Dean was my turn on. Gunner gave me more. I had fallen for him as well as being attracted to him in every way, from his hairy chest and pubes to his huge cock and gigantic climax.

“Jesus, Derrick, that was so fuckin hot,” Gunner said breaking from our kiss. “For a straight guy, you sure know how to turn my crank.”

“It was just as hot for me. I loved seeing you shoot off like that. And for the record, your cum tastes awesome. I don’t think I’m gonna be able to get enough of your jizz,” I said. I took hold of Gunners hand and placed it my crotch and pushed my hips forward in a grinding motion to give him the message.

“Ah, would you like me to suck your bone straight boy?” Gunner said as he stood before me with his lips kissing mine with a quick peck.

“What I’d really like is for you to squat down in front of me and let me jack off in your face. I wanna paint your face with my jizz. That’s just so fuckin hot to me,” I answered.

I stood up while Gunner sat back down in front of me on the sofa. He unbuckled my belt. His finger deftly unbuttoned my pants and unzipped my fly, pulling my jeans and boxers to my knees in one fell swoop. My hard cock was nowhere near the size of his, but it was bigger than average and cut. It sprang free as the elastic of my boxers pulled it forward. It slapped back against my groin. Gunner took my hard cock in his mouth and sucked, licking his tongue around the head and licking it up down. This was the first blow job that I had ever gotten from a guy and Gunner knew what he was doing. I thought Elle had been good, but Gunner put her skills to shame. She seemed to be just doing to get to the main act. Gunner, on the other hand, was savoring it. He was making love to my cock and my balls. I knew I wouldn’t last long. As his tongue poked and prodded my scrotum, I began to jack off as I watched him work his magic. His big brown eyes were glued to mine as we worked away toward getting me off.

My fist was furiously jacking and I could feel the tingle start at the instep of my feet. I raised up on my tippy toes. The climax moved up my calves, then up my thighs. I could feel it pulsating within me. I put him left hand against his forehead and pushed him back a few inches as I pushed my ass back away from his face, as I was standing on my toes awaiting the arrival. “I’m just about there. I gonna cu….mmmm…” I said as I blasted. I saw that his mouth was open and his tongue was sticking out. I tried to aim my cock at his orifice as I shot my wad. The spray of semen hit his lips and below his nose, dripping down onto his tongue. He was trying to move his head forward to suck me, but I kept him at bay. I much preferred watching my squirting cock wet him down with my hot jizz. I gave him my best as my orgasm began to subside and my dick began to deflate. I stood flat on my feet once more, just staring down at his handsome beard stubbled face coated with my cum.

I offered him my left hand and pulled him to his feet. He fell into me and I licked my cum from his stubbled cheeks and off his nose and lips, sharing it with him in a deep, hot kiss. I pulled away from the kiss and grinned at him like a school boy, as I wiped away my jism away with the back of my hand.

“Fuck that was hot,” he said. “I haven’t had that many experiences, but having a straight boy jack off in my face ranks right up there.”

“I’m not so sure how straight I am any more, Gunner. You kinda turned me,” I chuckled.

“Only for me?” he asked.

“Only for you, babe,” I answered as I kissed him.

I pulled up my boxers and my jeans and did myself up. “It’s getting late. I think we should go to bed,” Gunner said as he took my hand and led me back to his master bedroom.


He pulled my tee shirt over my head. My face was still a little sore from the sucker punch, but after my incredible orgasm, I no longer cared. My jeans fell to my ankles and I stepped out of them. He stripped himself down as I watched. His hairy body came into view incrementally. It was everything I had hoped it out be. He was hairy and huge and his cock was uncut.

He climbed in between the sheets behind me and spooned me. I loved having his hairy chest pressed against my back. I felt right with the world.

We fell asleep together and I drifted off. I knew that we would sleep never apart after this night. I had come around to who I really was and I liked myself and I loved Gunner.

The next morning Gunner was up early and making us lunches. The coffee was brewing and I got up with him and hugged him as he tried to get things going. We showered together and then he drove us to work.

At work, I was all smiles. Gunner met up with me on his forklift as I was unloading a trailer. He looked around to make sure nobody was around as he jumped down and climbed up the side of my forklift and planted a kiss on my lips. I smiled, “Morning babe.”

At the office window as we were turning in our paperwork, I noticed that Gunner had a few monkey bites on his neck and his lips were raw from rubbing them against my stubble. “Shit,” I thought, “I’m probably in the same condition.” Then I saw Gunner’s finger as it raised to my neck and hit the spots where he had sucked a little too hard, and my lips were a little raw from kissing his whiskered face, but I loved the feel.

Wes came up from behind and patted my ass. “Sore,” he asked.

“No. Is yours? Oh, of course it isn’t, Steve’s dick isn’t that big,” I joked.

“Is that Gunner’s cock I smell on your breath?” he continued with his wisecracking.

“Come over here and kiss me, and you can tell me. Oh wait, you’ve never had a cock in your mouth,” I laughed. “But if you kiss me, I’ll be able to taste your wife’s pussy. I know what that tastes like.”

“Okay, you win,” Wes grinned. “Really, guys, I think it’s pretty cool that you are dating. I like workin with ya’all. Anybody who can beat me at my own shit, well, you guys are pretty awesome,” Wes complimented us.

The work day ended and I was following Gunner back to his condo for the weekend. I was on cloud nine. I couldn’t believe how had my world had changed. I had never considered that I might be gay, but here in love with a man. All I knew was he made me happy. Oh, and horny.

We got to the condo and I followed Gunner inside. “Do you know how happy you have made me?” I asked him.

“Show me,” Gunner said.

I kissed him deeply and pulled his tee over his head. He was wearing a baseball cap backward and he grabbed it and placed it back on. I placed the palms of my hands on his hairy pecs.

“You are so fucking hot. I love your hairy chest, your hairy legs, your whiskers. Fuck, I just want to lick you all over,” I said.

“Oh we will get to that,” he said.

He undid his jeans, dropped his boxers, and bent over. It was a forested canyon of black hair, thick and luxurious. I squatted at his behind and plunged my face into his crease and laved my tongue up and down the hairy crack. My tongue dug deep in the fur to find his bunghole, and when I did I licked it good, getting it wet and tender. I chewed and munched at his hairy crack. Gunner was moaning loudly as I worked him over. He tasted clean but manly. My mouth gobbled and sucked at his backside. I smacked his ass cheek with the palm of my hand and stood up.

“Fuck that was hot, dude,” Gunner told me as he turned to face me. I pulled him into my arms and kissed him hard.

“God, I love your furry fuck hole,” I told him.


“You have that wrong, Derrick. Mine is not the fuck hole. Yours is,” he corrected me.

I was a little surprised, until I remembered out conversation about tops and bottoms. I got it. I’m the bottom. This should me interesting.

We finally retreated to the kitchen to find some food and ended up grilling steak. Gunner made a salad, while I did the guy thing and grilled the steak. Stereotypical, I know, but Gunner is kinda made that way, other than me being his bottom. I wasn’t sure how that was even going to work with the size of his schlong, but I was more than willing to try it.

After we ate, Gunner took me to the condo community Jacuzzi. I didn’t have swim wear so he lent me a pair of his. They were a little large, but I cinched them up. We were carrying our towels and tossed them onto a chair at the side of the spa as we climbed in to the foggy water. To our surprise, there was a young couple already there. She was a very attractive young woman and he was equally as handsome.

They were kissing and making out and didn’t really notice us for a few minutes. Then even when they did notice us, they kept going at it. He had his hands all over her lovely young tits and her hands were under the water, no double fondling his equipment. She was sitting on his lap as we sat across the eight-person spa and watched the action. Gunner and I were holding hands under the water, but I kicked it up a notch and started kissing him on the neck and then up to his ear lobe and then to his lips. She had turned her head just in time to see us kissing.

“That is so sweet,” she said in a cutesy little voice.

Gunner blushed, but I smiled, “thanks.”

“How long have you two been together?” she asked earnestly.

“A while,” Gunner smiled.

“So which one of you is the man and which one of you is the woman,” her boyfriend asked.

“That’s like asking a pair of chop sticks which one is the fork,” I answered sarcastically.

But, I continued “Oh stud, I’m so horny, make me cum, baby.”

That did it. They were gone. We laughed until we couldn’t stand it. But I didn’t move from Gunner’s lap. I ran my hands up and down his hairy torso and continued to plant kisses on his hot mouth.

I was hard as a rock and so was he. We looked around for a second before exiting, grabbing our towels, we wrapped them around our waists to conceal our boners, as we hurried back to the condo.

Once in the master bedroom, we were there for the night. Gunner led me to the ensuite bathroom and the big walk in shower. We soaped each other up and we both spent a lot of time making sure our asses were clean and sanitary.

After we had toweled one another dry, Gunner took my manly hand and led me to his bed. I understood by this point that Gunner would be the dominate partner and I would take his lead. I was good with that. I had no experience and having a man like Gunner was going to make it easier for me to learn to love him in very many ways.

He pushed me on to his king-sized bed. He was a much larger a man than me, but I found that I liked that. Gunner was so masculine and so dominate, I wanted him to top me. Actually, I needed him to top of me, pushing that huge cock of his up my ass

“Gunner, this is new to me, so I need you to lead me through what you need,” I had pleading in my voice.

“You leave this up to me baby. You are so gonna love what I do to you,” Gunner said with an evil grin. He climbed between my hairy thighs and licked my balls. I was on my back. Gunner laid himself lightly atop me, holding himself up on his elbows placed on either side of my torso and he crawled up to kiss me, our whiskered faces mashing against one another as our tongues wrestled in our mouths. Gunner reached across the bed and brought the bottle of lube to my side. I heard the click of the cap, and then, his fingers smearing the cool gel around my furry ass crack. His middle finger snaked inside of me, making me squirm, but his kissing muffled my screams of delight. Then his index finger was inserted as he finger-fucked me, his knuckles hitting my prostate on each plunge forward. Fuck, it felt so good. When he started to scissor his fingers in my hole, my eyes were seeing stars. He was stretching my ass muscles; my sphincter giving up and relaxing at his ministrations.

“Gunner, fuck me. Stick your huge cock inside of me and fuck me hard,” I begged.

I felt his fingers pull out of my now wide open cavity. He lubed his giant manhood and pushed the uncut cockhead to my hole. “Push out like you’re taking a dump, it will make it easier for you to take,” he educated me. He was right. I grunted like a caveman and he proceeded to push it in me in on long and slow entry, invading my bowels as he went, until he hit bottom and stopped. I felt full. I was full, full of his man meat deep in my gut.

My ankles were laced around his back and I used them to pull him in close. “Fuck me, you horny bastard, fuck me hard.” He was holding himself up on his hands now, elbows straight as he pushed his cock in and out of me and began to his increase speed with each plunge forward. He began to draw it out all the way leaving my asshole agape before he plunged back in. His cock was so hard and the veiny skin was massaging my entrance with each move.

“Christ, Derrick, you are so fuckin tight. I can’t last much longer,” Gunner’s breathing was labored and his voice raspy.

“I’m there with ya man,” I was writhing beneath his manly maneuvers.

A few more stokes of his fat cock against my prostate and my cock started shooting a spray of jizz that almost made me pass out. My climax was intense. As my mind tried to make sense of my pleasure, I felt Gunner push in deep and stop.

“Fuck, I’m cumming baby. You’re making me cum and I’m fucking the cum outta your nuts, oh god,” Gunner was screaming.

He moved his face down to mine was kissing me. “I love you. I love you. I love you,” he was saying between kisses.

As his climax receded, he moved off his hands holding himself up as he rested on his elbows atop me. He didn’t pull out of my cum filled ass. My brain returned from caveman to my frontal cortex actually working.

“I love you Gunner, and it’s not just the sex. I love everything about you. Now that you’ve taken me, I belong to you. I’m a marked man,” I confessed.

“Those are pretty strong words for a straight dude,” Gunner laughed.

“You just fucked the straight right outta my ass,” I responded. “And it feels to me like you’re ready to go again.”

Gunner’s big bone did not soften after his first orgasm and he left it planted firmly in my well used hole. With those words of encouragement, Gunner began to gyrate his hips once more. After a few fast strokes, Gunner pulled out of my asshole and rolled off me and pushed me onto my left side as he was spooning up against me from behind. He lifted my right leg up in his grip and he pushed his cock back into my gaping hole. He was kissing my neck as he laid my leg over his and continued fucking me. His hand grabbed my cock and began pumping me hard. My cock came back to life immediately. His calloused man hand was jacking me hard as my precum leaked like a son of a bitch giving me natural lube.

“Fuck me, babe, fuck me hard,” I begged. “I love having your big hard cock inside of me. God you are so fucking amazing. I am so totally yours. Only yours. Fuck me Gunner.”

“God, baby, I love my cock in your asshole. It’s so tight and hot. You are totally mine. You belong to me now,” he said as his voice became raspy and deep. I felt him push in one final time and stop. He wasn’t breathing, just holding perfectly still. His calloused hand wrapped around my cock squeezed hard and held it until I felt the urge to cum. He felt it too and released his grip as I began to explode in a violent climax, shooting my cum everywhere. I felt Gunner’s dick drilled deep in my hole shoot his load. His second huge climax filled me with his cum. I pulled away and let his dick pop out of my ass. I ran to the bathroom to sit on the toilet and fart out his jizz in a spasm that coaxed the elimination of his sperm. I washed up a bit and came back to bed, curled up next to my boyfriend. “Sorry, I had to drop the kids off at the pool.” That made us both laugh.

“Derrick, I want to ask you something and you don’t have to answer right away,” Gunner said in all seriousness.

“K, hit me, stud,” I smiled at him.

“The thing is, I told my mom and dad about us and they want to meet you. Are you ready for that?” Gunner asked.

“I suppose so. How will they take to us being together?” I asked.

“They will love you,” he said. “So will my siblings.”

“You have brother’s and sister’s?” I asked.

“I have two younger brothers and two younger sisters,” he said.

“Cool. My mother gave me up for adoption when I was born,” I told him, “I don’t know if I have any siblings.”

“How do you feel about that?” Gunner asked me as he pulled me in close to him and kissed me.

“I’m okay with it now,” I said, “when I was younger, I was pissed, but then I realized that I was actually pretty lucky. My adoptive parents were awesome. They loved me and nurtured me and my dad taught me how to hunt and fish and how to be a man. So it was all good.”

“My parents are great. They will love you. They have been after me to find someone to marry and raise a family. Oh shit, I haven’t asked you, but you do want a family don’t you?” he asked in all earnestness.

“Yeah, I think I do. It would be awesome to adopt a couple of kids with you as their dad,” I said. I wanted to cry, but I held back.

“Babe, that makes me really happy. So will you marry me then?” Gunner asked me.

It was kind of unusual. We were naked, laying in his bed together. “Of course I will marry you Gunner,” I responded. “But if we have kids, you know that I am going to stay home and raise them. Are you ready for that scenario?” I said.

“That’s exactly what I expect from you, Derrick,” Gunner told me. “I’m your man and I will provide for our family.”

I canoodled with Gunner spooning me from behind. We fell asleep knowing that our lives were about to change in a dramatic way.

Saturday morning, Gunner and I showered together and had sex under the warm spray of the shower heads. I made coffee and Gunner read the news from his iPad. I handed Gunner a cup of java with cream and sweet and skinny. I hugged Gunner from behind as I starred over his shoulder at his iPad. My cell phone vibrated with a text from Dean: “Sorry for the way I acted. I don’t know what came over me, but Elise called wants to move in here with me if you agree to us taking over the lease.”

I texted back, “Cool. We’ll be over this afternoon to get my stuff.”

I showed Gunner my texts and he kissed me, “Thanks babe, I need you to be with me.” Then I sent one more text with an attachment. I sent him the original video of him getting creamed. “Sorry for the way, I acted too. Thought you should have this as a memory.”

That afternoon, I drove us over to the apartment and loaded up my clothes and a few personal items that weren’t part of the apartment furnishings, Dean and I shook hands upon my departure. I was glad to move away from that hot mess.

That Saturday night in bed, Gunner took me again. I was happy to accommodate his sexual urges as they meshed perfectly with mine. I needed him and he needed me. I was on my back on his bed, now our bed, as he squatted over me, giving me full access to his hairy hole. I licked and bit and kissed every hidden part of him, making him squirm. He may be the dominant partner, but I was in total control of his pleasure.

Then he moved down my torso and lifted my legs over his shoulders as he ate my asshole, making me moan for his cock as he tongue fucked me. I felt the cool gel of the lube applied to my hole and then Gunner’s finger inserted deep. He made me feel pleasures that I had never known, and I welcomed his love making at every turn. His huge, uncut cock was lubed and ready as he pushed it inside me in one smooth gliding motion. He fucked me hard, pulled all the way out and then pushing back in. His dick hit my nerve bundle on every plunge and I was moaning. My cock was dripping precum and throbbing between us. I loved missionary position with him over me. We could kiss and I could look at his face as he penetrated me.

“Fuck me, stud,” I yelled as I grasped his ass cheeks and let my finger wander through his hairy canyon.

“Jesus, Derrick, you are so fucking tight, I love you, I love you,” he groaned.

I could feel my ball sac pulling up tight and I knew that I was close. I held on tight. “God, Gunner, I’m so close, fuck the cum outta my balls, fuck me hard,” I begged.

“Here it cums baby, get ready, I’m gonna fill your hot ass with my jizz,” he said in a low husky voice.

Climax hit both of us simultaneously. My cock erupted in a torrent of hot sperm flying between our bellies as he blew his huge load in my bowels. He plowed my ass until his cock began to deflate. When his dick popped out, I rolled him onto his back and went down to suck his uncut dick. I wanted to taste his semen or at least the remnants of his orgasm. His body writhed under my touch until I crawled up beside him and kissed him deeply. Gunner had filled me with his gusher of cum and I loved it.

Sunday morning was a rush as we woke up late. We were supposed to meet his family at St. John’s Episcopal Church at 10 for services and then go to their house for Sunday dinner. We walked in a little late and his family slid down the pew to give us room.

After services, Gunner introduced me to his mom and dad, his two younger sisters, and two younger brothers. His siblings were pleasant, but like all teenagers, unimpressed with us. His mom and dad, on the other hand, appeared to be genuinely happy that we were together.

Earl, Gunner’s dad, and I went into the den to watch Mariner’s baseball, while Gunner and his mom, Roberta, went to the kitchen to get an early dinner prepared.

“So you and Gunner work in the warehouse together?” Earl asked.

“Yes sir,” I answered, “that’s where we met.”

“Well son, Gunner’s mother and I are mighty glad that he finally has someone in his life. We’ve been worried about him. We know it ain’t easy for a fella to be a homo, sorry, that probably ain’t the right words, but still.”

“No its, fine sir. I understand. I’m kinda new to all of this. I didn’t know that…well let’s say that I had feelings like this until I met your son. He is a great guy and I have to tell you that I love him very much,” I confessed to my future father-in-law.

“I guess that’s pretty good then. That’s about all one can hope for with your kids, is that they find somebody who they love and who loves them,” Earl said in his simple way. “His mom and I have been married almost 25 years now and I can’t say that I haven’t gone one a day without tellin her how much I love ‘er.” Earl smiled over at me.

“A line drive,” we heard the sports caster say and that brought our attention back to the game.

Earl and I did a high five. “Gunner says that the two of you are gonna get married?” he asked.

“Honestly, he’s asked me, but I still don’t have a ring on my finger,” I laughed.

“What’s that?” Gunner said coming into the den where Earl and I were commiserating.

Earl looked up at Gunner with a serious face, “Why doesn’t this boy have an engagement ring on his finger?”

“It’s complicated, dad,” Gunner said.

“Not complicated son. You get your ass down to that jewelry story Monday and get him a ring,” Earl grumbled.

“Sure dad,” Gunner said as he sat down beside me on the sofa and kissed me.

“Grandkids?” Earl asked.

“Yes sir,” I answered. “We’ve already talked about having kids and even though they will be adopted, they will be loved. I was adopted and I turned out okay.”

“Yes you did babe,” Gunner said as he kissed me cheek. It was nice being with his family, with them being so non-judgmental. I wasn’t sure how my parents would take the news, but I had hope.

By three in the afternoon, dinner was ready and we sat at the big family table. I hadn’t grown up with siblings so this was a new experience as well.

Jan, Gunner’s youngest sister, was only thirteen, “Are you two gonna get married?”

“Yup,” Gunner answered her. “And you girls are gonna be our brides maids. You boys are gonna be our best men. Whadda ya think of that?”

The siblings were unanimously pleased with that. After dinner, I helped Roberta clean up and sent Gunner off with his dad.

“You know, Roberta, I really do love your son. After we are married we plan on giving you grandchildren,” I told her.

“That makes me really happy Derrick. Gunner has done nothing but talk about you since he went out on that first date with you, so if Gunner thinks you’re special, then you’re special to me.”

“Thanks, Roberta,” I said as I pulled her small frame in for a hug. It was obvious that Gunner got his size from his father. His sisters were small like their mother, but his brothers were large like him.

We left Gunner’s family well fed and happy as we drove back to our condo. It seemed somewhat odd to think of it as our home, but it made me happy.

The next hurdle was going to be my parents. I hadn’t even come out to them yet. I guess that was going to be my first step.

That night in bed, Gunner was so gentle and loving as he made love to me. He brought me to the plateau of passion and took me over the brink as he gave me his manhood and filled me with his seed while giving me release. We kissed and loved until we fell asleep, fully satiated.

The next day as we headed to the warehouse, Gunner reminded me that he had made us Chinese Chicken salad for lunch. Jesus, he was good me.

“Thanks babe, you are awesome. By the way, I talked to both of your parents yesterday about us having kids once we were married,” I told him.

“I heard all about it from Earl,” he said rolling his eyes. “We gotta get to the jewelry store and get us engagement rings, or my dad with skin me alive. He was not very happy with me yesterday,” Gunner smiled.

“Let’s leave work a little early today and go to Jared,” I said.

“Sounds good,” Gunner took my hand and led me into the warehouse to commence work.

All morning on the forklift unloading trucks, I had been thinking and when it came lunch time, I knew what I had to do. I met Gunner in the lunch room and told him that I had to call my folks and tell them what was going on, but to hold my lunch for me.

I hit favorites and then dial.

“Hello,” a female voice answered.

“Hi mom, it’s Derrick,” I said.

“Oh, hi Derrick, I so glad to hear your voice, it’s been a few days,” Shirley said with a smiling voice.

“Is dad there with you?” I asked.

“Yes, let me put you on speaker,” Shirley said. There were a few bumps and electronic tones as she switched the phone to speaker.

“Hi dad, it’s Derrick,” I said.

“Hi son. Good to hear from you. Aren’t you at work?” he asked.

“Lunch hour,” I answered.

“Look, I have something important that I need to tell you two. I hate to do this on the phone, but I don’t have any way to be down in Portland for a while,” I was explaining.

“That’s okay, what is it son, are you okay. You aren’t sick are you?” my mom asked.

“No, nothing like that. I’m fine. Better than fine actually. Look, I’ve met someone and I need to tell you …,” I said.

“That’s lovely dear,” Shirley interrupted, “you finally have a girl that you’re serious about.”

“Um, not exactly,” I said as I bit my lower lip. “It’s a guy. Mom, dad, I’m gay and I have met this guy and I have agreed to marry him.”

“Jesus Christ, Derrick, is this some kind of sick joke, because if it is, we don’t need it,” my dad yelled into the phone.

“It’s not a joke, dad, I ‘m gay. Gunner is going to be my future husband. I’ve already met his family and they are happy for us. I was hoping that I would get the same from you two,” I felt my voice start to tremble.

“Not in a million years. This is wrong. We did not raise you to be a fucking homo,” my dad screamed at me.

“You may have raised me but I am not yours. You adopted me! That means that you took me warts and all, deal with it,” I screamed back.

“Derrick,” my mom pleaded, “please say this isn’t true. I know you just haven’t met the right woman yet, but don’t do this to us.”

“Do this to you? What the fuck is wrong with you two? I’m not doing anything to you. You are the ones not accepting me for who I am,” I said with tears running down my face. “Look, if you don’t want to love me as I am, then I don’t want to have anything to do with you, it’s not like you are my real parents.”

That hit them hard. A low blow. But they had attacked me. They deserved it.

My father was the first to speak, “Derrick, I’m sorry. This is just such a shock. We never suspected that you are gay. You can’t just dump this on us and expect us to react the way you think we should. You’ve had time to think this trough. We haven’t.”

“Derrick,” he continued in a more muted tone, “we love you. You are right, we adopted you and that means that we took you in as you are, not how we thought you would be. We just need a little time to digest all of this. You tell us that you are gay and that you’re getting married to this guy and we haven’t even met him. What if he isn’t the right person for you?”

“I understand dad. I’m sorry I laid all this on you at once. His name is Gunner. We work together. I love him with all my heart and he loves me. We are going to get married with or without your blessing, but I would rather have you on our side than against us,” I said, still crying.

“Far enough,” my mom said. “When can we meet your young man?”

“We can drive down next Saturday, but if you are going to be confrontational with him, then it’s not going to happen,” I told them.

“I promise, we will be on our best behavior,” my dad said.

“Okay then, I’ll talk to Gunner and we can meet Saturday night in Portland for dinner,” I told them. “I’ll text you with the details.”

I hit disconnect and walked back into the lunch room. I hung my head so that no one could tell that I had shed a few tears.

“What’s wrong?” Gunner asked.

“Oh you’re good at figuring me out, aren’t you? I just got off the phone with my folks. It didn’t go well,” I confessed.

He pushed my salad over to me, “Eat. You need to eat to keep your energy up this afternoon. So what happened?” Gunner asked.

“They are pissed that I’m a fuckin homo and that I am going to marry my boyfriend,” I said with a strained smile.

“No shit, man I wasn’t expecting that kind of reaction,” Gunner said as he took my left hand and held it. We had given up caring what anyone in the warehouse thought. The people that didn’t care liked us and the people that it did bother could go fuck themselves.

“I think there may be an opening though,” I told Gunner, “they want to meet you to make sure you aren’t some fucked up piece of shit praying on an innocent straight boy.”

Gunner laughed, “Okay, so when?”

“Saturday. We’ll drive down to Portland and have dinner with them. It will be in public so they can’t go ape shit on us, but I do think once they meet you and see us together, it will be okay,” I tried to reassure him.

“I’m sorry baby, but your parents should be more supportive of you. I’ll go, but I’m skeptical,” Gunner told me.

That night in bed, I asked Gunner to straddle me and jack off in my face. I wanted him to give me a facial while I jacked off. It was hot and horney. He blasted his nut across my lips and into my mouth as I devoured his jizz. Fuck, he got to me, as he was squirting his load across my face, I was jacking off and spermed my load on my belly.

Work was going well as the guys seemed to adapt readily to the fact that Gunner and I were a couple. Our warehouse manager tried to keep us working together as much as possible because we could weave our abilities like a duet.

Saturday was upon us and we drove down from Seattle to Portland to stay at the Hyatt. Neither of us were used to the luxuries that it afforded us, but we took it in stride.

That evening we met my parents in the restaurant.

“Mom, dad, this is Gunner, my fiancé,” I introduced us. “Gunner, this is Lucy and Matt.”

“Nice to meet you,” Gunner said extending his manly hand, which dwarfed my fathers.

We sat for dinner and ordered drinks. Strong drinks. I ordered a Jameson neat and so did Gunner. A little scotch might take the edge off. My mom had a white wine and my dad had a gin and tonic.

We tried to make small talk, but it was still tense. After a couple more drinks, things began to relax.

“So Gunner, you and Derrick work together. How is that going to work after you two get married?” my dad asked abruptly.

“Derrick is going to stay home and take care of the kids. I’m going to be bring home the bacon,” Gunner said with a smile.

“Kids. Really?” my mom said enthusiastically.

“Yes, kids. We are going to have a family. So you will be grandparents,” I answered.

That seemed to change the whole conversation. My parents were beaming about being grandparents.

“Your parents are okay with you two getting married?” my dad asked Gunner.

“My parents love your son and my siblings are very happy about being in our wedding. I hope that you two will realize what a great son that you have raised. I love him very much and we are going to have a family, so I, I mean we, would like you to be a part of that.”

My mother was crying and my dad had tears in his eyes, “I don’t understand any of this, but I can tell that the two of you are truly in love and that is what life is all about. So for what it’s worth, we will support you Derrick and Gunner and we will be happy to be a part of your wedding. Besides, if you two have kids, then we get to have grandkids.”

That went better than I initially expected. We were on point to move ahead. We had the blessing of both of our parents. After dinner, Gunner drove us home to Seattle and we settled in our bed to make love.

The next day, we left work a little early and headed to the closest mall to look at wedding rings. The sales woman helping us was wonderful, she didn’t bat an eye when we told her we needed to look at engagement and wedding rings. She had us sit as she took ring measurements and then presented us with several options before leaving us to make a decision.

“Gunner, these are too expensive, you shouldn’t be spending this kind of money on me. Let’s just get the least expensive ones,” I whispered to him.

“Nonsense, I’ve been saving money and I think this is one of the best ways I could use it by getting my man a set of rings. Now you tell me which one you like the best,” Gunner said as he squeezed my hand.

I pointed to a simple gold band as a wedding ring and a 6 mm gold band with three small diamonds on the diagonal. “I like those, but do you? We’re going to have matching ring sets aren’t we?” I asked in a hushed tone.

“If you love them, then I love them. That’s what we’ll get,” he kissed my cheek. I had never seen Gunner cry before, but he had a couple of tears in his eyes.

The sales woman completed the sale and told us they would be sized and ready for pick up later in the week. We stopped on the way home at the Westside Drive Thru for prime rib sandwiches and fries and sat in Gunner’s truck and ate. It was like teenagers being on a date. I had a really good time with him and he made me laugh a lot.

“How do you tell a real gentleman at a gay bar?” Gunner smirked.

“I don’t know. How? I responded.

“He asks if he can push your stool in for you.” He was laughing hard and it made me spit my Coke as I laughed with him.

“You sick fuck,” I said. I dipped a bunch fries in fry sauce and fed them to my man. He gobbled them down and then licked my fingers.

“I’m a sick fuck? You have heard yourself when we’re making love haven’t you? You a mouth like a truck driver when you’re begging me fuck you deeper and harder and faster. It’s like you have a case of Tourette’s.” Gunner laughed.

“I know. I have a foul mouth, but you love it, admit it, it gets you off,” I kissed him on his cheek and got fry sauce on his whisker stubble.

“Yes you do. You work your little magic thing with your hot ass and I can’t resist you,” Gunner said as he gave me a quick kiss on my lips. The high school kids waiting at the order window at the drive thru whooped and hollered as they saw two hunky guys steal a kiss in their pickup truck. I know that I blushed at our furtive PDA which hadn’t gone unnoticed.

I ate all I could and so did Gunner as he tossed the remains in the garbage and we left. When we got home, we showered together and brushed our teeth before settling down on the sofa to watch some TV. I fell asleep in Gunner’s lap, but he woke me at news time and we trundled off to bed. We made love every night before we went to sleep. For me, it was rimming Gunner’s furry ass and sucking his huge dick before he fucked my ass and fucked the cum out of me as he unloaded in my bowels. It was a perfect match. We both got what we wanted.


Friday after work, we raced to the mall to pick up our rings. The sales woman who had originally helped us was there and she brought them out to us. As we sat on the stools at the counter, Gunner took out my engagement ring with the three diamonds and dropped to one knee in front of me, taking my left hand. “Derrick, now I can as properly, will you marry me?” he asked as he slipped my ring on my finger.

“Yes, Gunner Thomas, I will marry you and will you agree to marry me,” I asked as I pulled him to his feet and placed his engagement ring on his left finger.

“Yes, Derrick Sullivan, I will marry you. I love you,” he answered as he kissed me fully on the lips. The other customers in the store stopped what they were doing and applauded. It felt good to be official engaged.

My world had been in a state of flux just a few months earlier, but once I met Gunner, he brought stability to my life. I had no doubts about who I was and what I wanted. We were married later that year and have subsequently adopted two brothers. Gunner was promoted to warehouse manager and is able to make a comfortable enough living for me to stay at home and raise our two boys. We are very much in love and love our children dearly.

My parents finally came around and attended our wedding with my father giving my hand to Gunner. Both sets of parents love their grandchildren and spoil them rotten. As for our boys, they seem to think that there is nothing unusual about having two daddies.


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